How much should Homefront have taken from COD?

After playing the Homefront multiplayer all weekend, the Gamer Sheep editors wonder if the game took just the right amount of ideas from the recent COD games.

Even more, they wonder if gamers want COD in every military shooter.

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arizona-techgeek2624d ago

Seems like this game is basically a COD clone.

DelbertGrady2623d ago

To me it seems more like a bunch of journalists competing in labeling it a COD clone.

Does COD have lots of vehicles? No.

Team focused gameplay? Not at all. COD is mostly one man for himself with everyone trying to up their k/d ratio instead of completing tasks.

Large maps? Nope. COD has small maps that focus on run n gun gameplay.

So, why is it being compared to COD? No idea. A more logical comparison would be to compare it to BF BC 2, which unlike COD also has vehicles, large maps and focuses on teambased gameplay.

DaCajun2623d ago

I just want to know who he was playing against all weekend since I'm sure they didn't open the servers up until yesterday so those pirating bastards didn't get to play online early but I could be wrong. Also if there were people on it couldn't have been many on to have much fun especially since you have to have to have a code to get past level 5, so how much fun would that be if you're limited to what you can do so wouldn't be much of a good review on the multiplayer part.

As far as the COD thing goes, most gamers now know nothing of gaming before that game because COD 4 when gaming became the cool thing to do. So we are flooded with these casual gamers anymore that never knew and never will now what real gaming was like for that past few decades. Never know how much COD stole from other games. To these newbies to gaming COD 4 was the first shooter ever for them and to them there was nothing before it and everything copies it when it copied so many other games.

Welcome to the era of casual gamers and the end of hardcore gaming because every game is dumbed down anymore for them. gotta have maps showing where enemies are because they are too lazy to hunt for them. Gotta highlight the enemy characters so you can see them 1000 meters away without a scope. Gotta have aim assist on consoles because hell a couple meters off is good enough, who needs accuracy and close enough is good enough. Don't want you to actually have to work at being good. Here have a trophy you're good enough, everyone is a winner even the lazy ones, HURRAH!!!!! /S/S/S/S

louievillalobos2624d ago

Why does everybody always have to bring up call of duty?

Sanii2624d ago

Thats the leading FPS right now.

Buho2623d ago

It depends on which COD game we are talking about. If it's say COD4, everything. If it's Black Ops, absolutely nothing! LOL.

Nodoze2623d ago

As much as I enjoyed the first COD Modern Warfare, I almost wish it was never made.

I am sick of everyone cloning.