Homefront Controversial Video and Screenshot Gallery (HD 720p)

Lens of Truth writes "In this First Look we bring you the controversial opening to THQ's Homefront. As you can see this game is not for the faint at heart, so make sure you slap on a fresh pair before you click the link to witness one of the most insane and brutal battles since the "No Russian" Air Port scene. Enjoy!"

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RudeSole Devil2507d ago

Now that some brutal stuff. Makes me want to kill them bastards.

just_the_tip2507d ago

Sick video, though I could have played better with my eyes closed. Also why the report? Just the other day I saw five of the same videos of Uncharted 3 approved on this site. Unless the title has SONY in it N4G user don't care.

xer02507d ago

This game is now on my radar.

2507d ago
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