VGW Review: Homefront

VGW: "There are things in Homefront which cannot be unseen. There are indelible images of civilians being executed on suburban street corners as their frantic children tug desperately on the pants of their Korean captor, screaming in anguish. There are jarring scenes involving mass graves and unspeakable torture. There are horrifying events which depict an American culture that has simply ceased to exist, swallowed and ravaged by a cruel and relentless Korean enemy. Homefront may be speculative fiction, but once you’re immersed in its emotional narrative it feels like a haunting reality."

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Pandamobile2653d ago

Steam download just finished. Time to give bitch a test-run :)

BShea2652d ago

It's incredible how varied the reviews are. I'm seeing 4's and 5's on one end, then 8's and 9's on the other.

I had a chance to play it for a bit at PAX, and the gameplay was pretty solid.