This is everything that is wrong with videogames today

The first Prey game should be commended for putting players into the shoes of an original protagonist amidst a sea of generic heroes found in every other videogame.

The newly revealed sequel seems to throw that virtue out the window.

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tynam2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

It says bethesda are making it, they're not, they are just the new publisher for it

Godmars2902592d ago

Its still become a "typical" FPS by its first concept pic.

Xilef2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

one picture and the game sucks?
for all we know the guy on the front cover could be an NPC.
OR if he is the main character he could be a norwegian Garbage truck driver.

You can't just start hating a game if you have only seen one pic.

mightyboot2592d ago

As long you can make portals like in the original Prey im ok with it.

danielle0072592d ago

While I disagree that this is "everything" that is wrong with video games today, I do agree that as a huge fan of the original Prey, this cover makes me very skeptical.

I really liked Tommy, and I loved the story, environments, and mechanics of the first Prey.

Prey still looks pretty, even though it came out at the beginning of this gen. I might just have to stick to playing that instead..

Syaz12592d ago

i'll reserve judgement until i see more info.

until then, i'm just hoping the gameplay that made prey 1 unique would not be dumbed down to appeal to the masses.

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The story is too old to be commented.