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Help save Japan; buy Japanese games

Japan has suffered a great deal, and will suffer a great deal more into the future. Beyond the initial horror of the tsunami and earthquake, and beyond the immediate concern of the nuclear power plant, Japan will struggle for some time to come.

Unfortunately, Japan’s economy is not ready for this level of disaster. Of the major economies in the world, Japan’s has been slowest to come out of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC); the nation struggles with a massive GDP that is only eclipsed by the likes of Zimbabwe, and its manufacturing industry – vital to its economic health – has largely failed compete with the likes of China and South-East Asia. (3DS, Culture, Industry, PS3, PSP, Wii)

Dart89  +   1498d ago
Yes tomorrow I'm gna buy a few psn games that r 4rmm japan.
mantisimo  +   1497d ago
I already buy Japanese games and if you do buy them now,just for the thought of helping, it is not helping the victims of the Japanese tragedy directly or quickly.

So really just donate like I did I couldn't give much but it goes straight to the people that need it.
fucadastates  +   1497d ago
do both. donate, and buy a game that will give you great gaming
kesvalk  +   1497d ago
dissidia 012 \o
you help, and get a good game at the same time...
StbI990  +   1497d ago
Lol, don´t worry, most scker are going to pirate it anyway...because they can
Christopher  +   1497d ago
If you really want to help, donate directly.


Don't buy Japanese games thinking that it will help all those who are truly in need of aid. Remember that the people who made those games have already been paid for work done. Buying existing games will likely only go to the pockets of the higher ups who already have enough money and possibly to future development.

Also, note that for game developers their level of effect at this time is in the availability of power in their offices and homes due to the continuing earthquakes.

I'm not anti-buying games you're interested in or anti-relief efforts, but the best way to truly aid those in great need is to look into the options made in the links above.

It would be awesome for Sony and Nintendo to put together a sale program where the proceeds would go to the relief efforts, though. I'd 100% support that type of event alongside the money I've already donated.
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kesvalk  +   1497d ago
it's not about helping the ppl struck by the tragedy, it's boosting their economy, that have been utterly destroyed by this disaster...

you should do both, for the time being, donating will be more effective, but after they get out of this initial phase of crysis, they will need the income of money to rebuild their economy, and then you buy their games.
Christopher  +   1497d ago
The economy will repair itself once the people are taken care of. Worry about the important stuff first. It's not like people are suddenly going to stop buying their products outside of Japan as it is.
MattS  +   1497d ago
Economies don't really 'repair themselves,' cgoodno. It takes a lot of work to get an economy working properly again, and Japan's economy was already poor before the disaster.

For Japan to properly recover, it's going to need cash flowing through the economy.

As others have said - donating in the short term is important, but looking longer term is important as well.
Christopher  +   1497d ago
***Economies don't really 'repair themselves,' cgoodno.***

Actually, they do when the effect on the economy is external.
DigitalAnalog  +   1497d ago
3D dot heroes, Yakuza, Metal Gear: PW, Demon's Souls

Kirby's Epic Yarn, Mario Galaxy 2, Valkyria Choronicles. Gosh all these games that were overlooked. GO SUPPORT THEM NOW!

-End statement
fossilfern  +   1497d ago
Even before the earthquake everyone should have bought Bayonetta and Vanquish!
DelbertGrady  +   1497d ago
I bought Nier a while ago. Great game. Highly recommend it.
Kran  +   1497d ago
Well, I did buy Pokemon on sunday. Does that count? I hope so. :(
TheBlind   1497d ago | Spam
Da One  +   1497d ago
how about donating.......not giving money to multi-million dollar corporations
Stealth20k  +   1497d ago
doomsday much?
NaiNaiNai  +   1497d ago
I just bought a ps3, Yakuza 2, GT5, WKC, and my budy just bought Heavy rain.

Plus If everything keeps going the way it is. I'll be over there shortly to help out. I might be getting deployed. truth be told, I actually hope I'm deployed.
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Gamerfans  +   1497d ago
lets make some noise fellow gamers and ask MS donate to a great cause. Come on MS Japan needs u.
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SnakeMustDie  +   1497d ago
Just bought GT5. Still waiting for MGS5(I hope), ZoE3, VSXIII, VC for PS3, Persona 5 and Dark Souls. In no way I will buy anything from Capcom though.
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MajestieBeast  +   1497d ago
If they make like game packs for pc,360 and ps3 and the profit goes to the victims in Japan yeah then sure. I just bought the total war pack(Sega) on steam i think that counts and buying Yakuza 4 soon.
General Shrooms  +   1497d ago
just donate dummys.
DigitalHorror81  +   1496d ago
I don't want to give up my three mannequins and you can't make me.
BeaArthur  +   1497d ago
How is buying a video game going to help all the people that no longer have homes?
madpuppy  +   1497d ago
IDK, if you really want to help Japan, donate to a charity or organization that is set up for assisting Japan. buying a Japanese game seems like a very small and ancillary way to help.

It is about as helpful as someone telling you to buy a coke because they own a couple hundred dollars in stock with Coca Cola.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1497d ago
I agree, this article is tasteless at best and stupid and offensive at worst

Ok, the disaster is an absolute tragedy and no one would debate that the people there need and deserve help but come on... buying games is not going to save japan and to even claim this takes words out of mouth at its lunacy. Give to a charity that will help them, write your you elected member of government and encourage them to do the same. Do things like that, dont exploit this issue to help sell games though.
PSjesus  +   1497d ago
I hope for ....
A limited White PS3 with Japan's flag on it+extra price for support.
EVO-OM3GA  +   1497d ago
Why the hell does anyone approve this kinda garbage, how is buying games supporting the country in anyway.. cannot believe the comments that are getting agreed on this site and the amount of stupid articles that have come out since this tragic event.

The Country is at its worst in years, the people are suffering, buying games wont do shit if you wanna support them go to a organisation that is helping aid the country instead of this fucking ignorant crap.

N4G Troll : Support the PS3 is support Japan = 100 Agrees sad cunts!
MattS  +   1497d ago
Please read the article. It's about helping the Japanese economy get back on it's feet, not solve the immediate term problems. The economy will have a huge affect on everyone in Japan, victims and all, and the disaster is only going to hurt the Japanese economy more.

While donations help, they're short term and no benefit 6 months down the track when the money is gone. A health Japanese business will be helping Japan recover for years.

This is economics 101, and unfortunate that there's some short sighted responses here.

It's not just games, mind. Consuming any kind of Japanese goods will be indirectly supporting the country into the future.
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astrobrights  +   1497d ago
This article wasn't too well thought out before being published.
gumgum99  +   1496d ago
Its what I've been doing all my life. They have my support.

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