How do the PlayStation Final Fantasy games stack up in the modern era? | Digitally Downloaded

You’re able to download the three Final Fantasy games on the PlayStation Network via the PSOne Classics shop front.

While it’s a topic of endless debate on forums just which is "best," these three games are all held in high regard by various veterans of the series. But how do they stack up by today’s standards – are they still relevant, or have they aged poorly?

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Kte2655d ago

Games like those are games that cannot be beat...Regardless of how old and regardless of how poor the graphics were back in the day. FF7-9 is where it all started end of story.

jadenkorri2647d ago

im playing ff8 again on my psp, mostly at work, but sometimes at home even thou i have other games graphically superior on the ps3 that i haven't even finished, why cause the story is amazing, graphics are nothing compared to a game with an excellent story. BTW, i already finished FF7, FF9 is next ;).

Trroy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Umm.. they're great?

It still amazes me, looking at these games (particularly FF8 and FF9), knowing that they ran perfectly fine on a 34 MHz CPU, with no GPU, and like 2 MB of memory.

They are *incredible*. The idea that the PS1 (the machine I described above) could compete with Pentium II PCs, with early GPUs seems ludicrous... but wow, it happened. Those games are still worth playing.

Stealth20k2655d ago

better than most of the homogenous shit that comes out now

NaiNaiNai2655d ago

The classic FFs are amazing still to this day, no matter how overrated someone wants to call them.

InfiniteJustice2655d ago

Played FF8 again on my PSP not long ago. It still plays great and the graphics look dated but still have the charm they did originally. Games as good as FF 7/8/9 tend to stay great, I think

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The story is too old to be commented.