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A story that I eagerly anticipated to wade through was never actually realized. Without that, the multiplayer also meant that much less to me as well. And while the multiplayer can certainly have it's moments of fun, it's not something that hasn't been done before. While not all games need to be ground breaking or original, it helps to at least do something better than the competition. And honestly, I couldn't find one area where Homefront outpaces its competitors. It completely drops the ball in the area that it advertised itself to be different, the story. As a result, it fails to follow through on delivering the emotion and soul that it was supposedly built around.

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Dlacy13g2413d ago

2/5 ? Let's see... trust this site and its 2/5 or basically everyone else who's scoring it 8+? Let me think on that one....

DelbertGrady2413d ago

They didn't like it. So what? It would be really boring if everyone shared the same opinion about all games.

killyourfm2413d ago

Reviewers who don't recognize narrative strength and mature writing probably shouldn't be reviewing games. Homefront has an excellent script and its multiplayer component boasts the scope of Battlefield with the fast-paced nature of CoD.

2/5 is way too harsh.

bluegreenman2413d ago

it just feels cheap to me :/

Ninver2413d ago

LOL @ the site name. Literally attack of the fanboy.

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Myst2413d ago

The site is actually really good with the majority of their reviews.

Senden2413d ago

This review echoes what i've seen and think about the game. While I haven't played it (cheers THQ for a demo!) the youtube footage makes it look so much like cod.. I don't want to replay a reskinned mod with a few new fancy features to try and grab my attention.

lucifon2413d ago

Thanks for that Youtube based opinion.

Senden2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Well if they gave me more to go on (like a demo) I'd happily give a better opinion but that's not my fault is it? I can only go on what i've got to see on this game.

I want this game to be great I really do but THQ are just shooting themselves in the foot by not releasing a demo. Sure many people here will disagree with this but most of the people looking at the comments are the ones who want this game. How many cod players (the market they're trying to capture) are going to look at the youtube videos and go "wow cod clone, no thanks i'll stick to cod"?

gorebago2413d ago

Well I figure they never released a demo because they'd be giving away a huge part of the game for free since it's so short

Dlacy13g2413d ago

@Senden... " I don't want to replay a reskinned mod with a few new fancy features to try and grab my attention." and yet let me own COD:BLOPS which is ....exactly what you described.

Senden2412d ago

Nope I sold that after 3 days when I realised that it was exactly that.. a reskinned mod with a few non fancy new features. The current fps games I own and play are MW2, Halo Reach and Bad Company 2.

Dlacy13g2412d ago

@senden...props to you. I respect that u walk the talk. Have a bubble. Btw....Homefront definitely has its flaws, I have it now. But the MP is indeed surprisingly fun. I would recommend giving it a rent to anyone curious to see if u want to buy. @$40 this game would be an easy buy imo.