Player Affinity: Dragon Age 2 Review

Myself, Jay Malone, writes: "Bioware has quickly formed into one of the few companies that no matter what video game they put their name on, it’s guaranteed to be a success. Bioware never fails to deliver an epic, lengthy adventure consisting of many twist and turns but ultimately ending with apropos satisfaction; as is the case with their newest release, the sequel to the massively popular Dragon Age, Dragon Age II."

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denero12538d ago

of course no one will comment here anywhere the game has a good score there are no comments -_- almost like they are avoiding positive reviews

256bit2538d ago

this review was by a bioware/ea employee. they just bribed the author and send him a copy of the review so he can just post it up on the site.

TheGamerGeek2538d ago

Um nope. I've written 50+ reviews at my time with Player Affinity. I can gurantee I'm not a Bioware employee...

Though that would be nice.