PS3Vault Review: Dragon Age 2

The original Dragon Age was a mixed bag, featuring repetitive combat and a conversation system that feels more dated than Betty White. Lately Bioware has been heavily criticized for stripping the RPG elements out of their RPGs and going for a more action-oriented approach. So when Bioware came out and said they wanted to make the sequel to Dragon Age more accessible and stripped down; I was a bit disappointed to say the least. Does Bioware succeed in creating a sequel better than its predecessor? Or is this once great company on a downward spiral? Hit the break for our verdict.

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Reebo2507d ago

Very fair score. Haven't really come across any screen-tearing and only a couple of freezes, but the rest is spot on.

Sidology2505d ago

Pretty good assessment. Shame that BioWare are having lackluster sequel syndrome.

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