NowGamer - Top Spin 4 Reivew

NowGamer - Picture the scene: you’re accompanying a horde of seasoned warriors into battle across the arid tundra, armed with an array of magical spells boasting mastery over fire and ice. Spying a particularly Neanderthal grunt, one mighty heave of a sword is unleashed to rid it from this mortal coil. After a stroke that clearly misses its target, the foe stumbles backwards, employing death animation #3 to exaggeratedly breathe his last. “Oh well,” you might reason, “pinpoint accuracy isn’t central to role playing”.

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Jacobster2626d ago

This review is like figuring out time travel! Wow I can use impressionistic language too. I suspect this was played for 5 minutes? I suspect the guy hates sports games in general? Too many assumptions based on no facts hmm almost non-mathematical :D