PSU: Homefront Video Review

PSU writes: "Homefront is another great title to add to your growing collection of first-person shooters. While it’s not on the level of Killzone or Call of Duty quite yet, it’s a solid start for this series and features a captivating premise. The gameplay is basic enough for FPS newcomers and the overall presentation draws players into a war-torn western United States. There are some minor announces, mainly in the A.I., but the multiplayer is quite solid and offers a fresh take on the perks system. Check out our video review for Homefront below (or watch the 1080p HD version here)."

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Eric29292537d ago

This game looks better than I expected.

rmw2hot2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

The single player looks decent but the multiplayer looks great diffidently going 2 pick this up 2morrow need a break from killone 3 till the next patch comes out.

ninjagoat2537d ago

Games a most own for me.