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Homefront is a first person shooter developed by Kaos, the same team behind Frontlines: Fuel of War, which was released back in 2008. While the Call of Duty and Battlefield series are today’s phenomenal hits when it comes to high-profiled first person shooters, some developers are attempting to make a game that can match those two powerhouses, and that’s what Homefront is trying to do. With a compelling story and exciting multiplayer, does Homefront have what it takes to topple the recently released Black Ops?

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ShadyDevil2659d ago

This game looks like crap. Save your monies kids and buy Yakuza 4!

DelbertGrady2659d ago

Save our money to buy something that looks like a PS2 game instead?

Homefront is said to have the best online mp since BF BC 2. Something I'd gladly pay for, and already have.

denero12659d ago

yakuza 4 blows this out the water graphics wise and gameplay wise hell even story wise -_-

jbl3162659d ago

Too bad about the length. I was expecting the game to be longer than most other FPS games.

gorebago2659d ago

It's almost a slap in the face - lol - going to pick up my preorder tomm regardless. I'll just take baby steps to drag it out

PPNSteve2659d ago

while the concept and storyline is fantastic, I'm left feeling like I want more.. more gfx, more sound, more maps in MP, etc.

Haven't tried the SP campaign yet, so I'm hoping there is something to surprise me there.

Overall, not a BF:BC2 killer.

Fishy Fingers2659d ago

I'll probably pick it up in a few months during a quiet period.

The level of content is good, but the look and feelare like a mid priced digital download title.

bluegreenman2659d ago

everyone kept raving about this game.. but I think its looks ugly and generic. Its like a dumbed down version of BF.

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