PS3 hacker graf_chokolo counters critics, talks 3.60 firmware

Compared to his PlayStation 3 jailbreaking counterpart (and fellow lawsuit recipient) George Hotz, console tinkerer Alexander Egorenkov (AKA graf_chokolo) isn’t so well known. All things considered, maybe that’s for the best.

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GSpartan7772594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

"Sony knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hacker."

"PS3 is forever hack"

"Sony can't do anything anymore"

"Exploits not working anymore"

"PS3 forever secured again?"

Honestly, I do not know who to believe anymore. I have come to a point where I think this is just one big conspiracy to screw with us and keeping me away from my games.

ReBurn2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I just install the latest firmware and go on with life. These guys created their own problems.

GrieverSoul2594d ago

Me too!

What I find disappointing is that SONY doesnt ban the users that are still online on PSN. I know for a fact that it is possible to still acess PSN with a custom firmware 3.55 spoof that tricks PSN to think its 3.60. Sony has sent him an email telling him that he should cease use of the CFW but he didnt care and still plays. Sony hasnt bannned him.

Bottom line is, I dont care if you use CFW or any kind of paracy. I just want these kind of people to stay away from PSN.

HappyGaming2594d ago

Lets just say that everything is hackable even our national security systems and everything is patchable unless there is a hardware modification in place.

bozebo2594d ago

I wouldn't call it a conspiracy. But the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion.

The bottom line is: reverse engineering software is illegal. Reverse engineering hardware is not. Because you own the hardware that you buy but the software on that hardware is owned by Sony, effectively.

Sony are using that legal divide to try to prevent rampant piracy and because they lose money from every ps3 that is sold - so they want people to play games on it not stick linux on it and result in Sony losing money. But surely that was Sony's fault - retailing a product at a loss.

I think all the hackers we hear about on here have been reverse engineering the software as a means of reverse engineering the hardware.

Eu2594d ago

Sony is already making money on hardware units sold, the thing is, its not that much (problably 5-10 USD per most). Sony looses money when the software, where moeny really is, is not bough, but downloaded without being paid...exactly what our dear stupid hackers say they dont want to do, but allow to do......

bozebo2594d ago

Were the phats not loss leading?

I understand that slim is a different story but they were released after Linux support was removed.

Blad3star2594d ago

Are you a hacker - How is this keeping you away from your games.

sikbeta2594d ago


You should believe in the console manufacturer and that goes for everyone ans his respective console...


"Fail0verflow made a mistake by saying that PS3 will never be secure again,” Egorenkov wrote bluntly on his blog. “And Sony proved them wrong. Sony knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hacker.”

That's all I need to know :)

zeal0us2594d ago

"Sony know more about their system than any Ps3 hacker"

pfft please guess the same thing can be said about
and any other company

They have contest each year to see if these can be hacked(pwn2own ibelieve its called)

then again you got to look at the statement its particially true not some ps3 hackers don't know the system like sony.

If only the hacking would stayed on the pc and not transition over the consoles :(

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AdmiralSnake2594d ago

I really don't see the point in hacking the Ps3 honestly. I haven't seen any good reason as a gamer to hack my ps3. I don't see features I desire or any that interest me. All I see are people promoting freegames from these hacking crap. Just my 2 cents though.

GrieverSoul2594d ago

You wont see new apps or new kind XMB or any of that.

If you visit a ps3 hacking site all there is is:
-PSN Spoof version ****
-Backup Manager version ****
-Emulator to play SNES games

You wont even see a mention for Linux. :/

MajestieBeast2594d ago

Ken Kutaragi slapped some bitch hackers.

Shadow Flare2594d ago

These hackers will have to get a second job to get a new ps3. Kuturagi wasn't so wrong after all

Rage_S902594d ago

lulz i see what you did there

andron6662594d ago

Quote from article: "A sticking point for Egorenkov (and other hackers) is that they should have unfettered access to the hardware they purchase. “Just because I bought a PS3 from Sony doesn’t mean they own me and are allowed to say what I can and cannot do with my own PS3,” he stated."

In a perfect world any PS3 owner should be able to do anything they want with their system, including hacking it. But when they share the information you risk that someone will use it for malicioous purposes like piracy and cheating online, impacting other innocent owners...

Biggest2594d ago

That's just the hacker way of trying to garner support from the general masses. This has nothing to do with Sony owning anyone. If it WERE about Sony owning you for purchasing their product, there is an easy way to counter Sony's ownership. Don't buy the product. I wonder if Sony filed anything against the guy that turned his PS3 into a Foreman Grill? Of course they didn't. They don't own that guy or care what he did with his PS3. The hackers are doing something that is completely wrong on both a legal and moral level. The general masses are not supporting them.

joeorc2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

" wonder if Sony filed anything against the guy that turned his PS3 into a Foreman Grill? Of course they didn't. They don't own that guy or care what he did with his PS3. The hackers are doing something that is completely wrong on both a legal and moral level. The general masses are not supporting them."

100% exactly, you do not see Sony going after Ben Heck, umm maybe to ask hey can you make us one of

His hacks are LEGENDARY..sorry Barney Stinson have to use part of your epic bro code.

if you are doing this to your PS3:

Sony is going to make [email protected] sure you are not going to be allowed onto the PSN server's.

but yet the hacker's an many of them are distributing code to try to bypass those very same PSN security measures for PSN so as to allow CFW enabled PS3's on PSN.

they want their cake an eat it too, which is not right if you do not own the server's but yet that's exactly what these an many hacker's are doing anyway. spoofing an proxies anything to also get on PSN.

Eu2594d ago

WHile I do agree that you have the right to do whatever you want with your PS3 unit (going from doing naughty to stupid things with a shell of plastic...) you dont have the right to screw with the game developers that spend months-years doing research and such on it.Want to run Linux on it? have fun. Make it easy to a bunch of SOBs to exploit it in a way that will facilitate to these bastards to rob peoples info/credit cards and such? You're fucked....

joeorc2594d ago

100% exactly you have the right to do with the hardware what you wish, but the software onboard is another matter.

the funny thing is these hacker's already know's a freaking embedded system! unless they can run Linux off the PS3 while not using any of Sony's software to do it that would be one thing, an their would be no problem in that. but that's not what is happening.

the hacker's need to use the Sony's "XMB" in order to even install Linux to run on a PS3 without it they cannot run it at all, So the very fact that Sony did not even have the PS3 slim come with that option off the batt before it went on sale to the public. but yet the Hacker's are doing this to the Slim PS3's:

when they infact do not own the PS3's "XMB" an of course telling everyone how to do it across the internet, which of course infringes on the copy right's of the Owner which is Sony not the consumer!

Sony took it out because of an exploit in linux when installed on the PS3 but yet the Hacker's want to put it right back in when they do not own the "XMB"

but yet cry when they say their right's are being stepped on?


AntiHeroComplex2594d ago

"The core concept is simple: ‘it’s my property, so I should be able to do with it what I want.’ If this means hacking and reverse engineering, then so be it. Depending on forthcoming legal battles, consumers may get a definitive answer soon."

I havent heard a dumber thing in my entire life.

My car is my property bitches! that means i should be able to drive around the school zone and run over little kids. I dont care if it causes emotional / financial damages. Its my property and i want to do what i want with it.


Hey guys how do you like my brand new 12 gauge shotgun? I just shot up gun store where i bought it from... I dont care that it caused financial ruin to the store owner... The Shotgun is mine, and he cant tell me what to do or not do with it!

Lol @ hacker logic.

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