Planet Xbox360 - Homefront Review

Planet Xbox360 - If Homefront suffers from anything, it’s occasional lulls in pacing. At one point, you’re introduced to your Resistance headquarters, but instead of being able to dash right into the action, you have to walk around and talk to people. It’s good to have narrative in a game, but not everyone will be in the mood to talk. Still, it adds to the game more than it detracts. Even if you think you’ve gotten your fill from first-person shooters (or you’re saving some space on your shelf for next week’s release of Crysis 2), Homefront deserves a spot in it. This is a gritty, brilliantly made shooter that will shake you up more than once, backed by a powerful story and the kind of action that you’d come to expect from a top-tier entry in the genre. Lock and load, soldier, you’ve got a country to save in THQ"s Homefront.

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All the review have been good, i guess i'll just have to get it.

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Mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.... ..

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"...the final battle on the San Francisco bridge."

He really doesn't know the name of the bridge?