'Madden NFL 12' Sales Will Suffer With Players' Lockout

"A complete cancellation of the NFL season would cost Madden around 50% of sales," says one analyst.

A dark cloud hangs over the potential for a new season of football -- at least, in the real NFL stadiums. EA Sports’ Tiburon Studio continues developing Madden NFL 12 for all platforms, ensuring all the NFL teams and players will be active on the virtual gridiron by late summer.

"Fans of Madden NFL will not have their seasons interrupted regardless of when the labor issues are resolved," said Rob Semsey, director of public relations, EA Sports. "EA Sports will release Madden NFL 12 in August, complete with exciting new features and product innovation that will allow NFL fans to fill their desire for football."

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Warprincess1162685d ago

What a lockout? What going on with the NFL.

Wenis2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

NFL Players Association is negotiating with NFL owners and they haven't been able to reach a settlement, meaning that the NFL season might not happen this year. :(

Warprincess1162685d ago

Oh well i don't care. I guess that sucks for football fans.

jeseth2685d ago

He had a brain movement in between shaving his chest and putting product in his hair.

Omega Archetype2685d ago

I'm pretty sure the sales will be bigger. Why? Because there will be no NFL season, so everyone will need to get their Football fix somewhere and where better then videogames?

Guess we can only wait and see.

Oh and btw Go Packers! Yeah, at least I got to see my team take home the Lombardi Trophy this year so I'm still happy, but I'd much rather see them do again next season! Hopefully NFL keeps going!

NJShadow2685d ago

Good. Bring back 2K already! =P

jeseth2685d ago

Not that I didn't like 2K football, but 2K football died out for a reason.

If it was so awesome and popular they would have had the $$$ to compete with EA for the NFL License. And this was a time when EA wasn't the megaton it is now. In essence the people decided who won that war.
2K Football would still be cool but I like many people would stick with Madden. For all its faults, Madden is a very good sports game.

What they need is Tecmo Super Bowl back with the NFL License . . . that would be the beez neez!

NJShadow2685d ago

Actually, 2K killed Madden that year in the reviews department, and took a HUGE chunk of their market share. And yes, EA was the same, if not better, than it is now. They had FAR more capital to invest in securing the NFL license than a relatively young company like 2K.

Raven_Nomad2685d ago

Hopefully the sales suffer enough that EA cant pick up the exclusive NFL license and then we can get some decent NFL games, Anyone remember a little game called ESPN NFL 2K5? Or even NFL Fever on the Xbox, or 989 NFL Gameday? Those were amazing Football games.

Without competition, there is no reason to improve what your doing. Madden is stale as four month old bread.

a_bro2685d ago

well thats why they extended the exclusive lincense. because of the impending lockout.

Pocker2685d ago

madden will sell more copies this year because of the lockout. people will feed their nfl needs with madden. Just because theres no nfl season doesnt mean they wont be buying the game.

"Meh, i was gonna buy madden this year, but i don't see the point considering theres no nfl season this year"

what??? makes no sense

jeseth2685d ago

A lot of people buy Madden as part of the new football season. Its fun to play the season alongside your favorite team.

I could see how if there is no football, there would be less sales. Fans would be angry (Like the last MLB Strike) and would boycott the NFL product as a way to show their dissastisfaction.

Makes a lot of sense actually. Look at how long it took for MLB to come back from its labor dispute in '94 I believe it was. Wasn't until the Steriod induced McGwire vs. Sosa HR chase that MLB really got hot again. Same could be with the NFL....

And I'm a Season Ticket holder that has already paid for his 2011 package!

ceedubya92685d ago

I'd rather they just release this series every other year and offer DLC updates of new modes and rosters inbetween releases.

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