The New Prey Sure Looks… Different

Kotaku - There's so much we don't yet know about Prey 2. We know, officially, that the game is coming from Human Head Studios and Bethesda Softworks, and that it's bound for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year. But who's that guy on the left?

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Cajun Chicken2441d ago

What the f**k. I WILL NOT stand for this. Is this some kind of cruel joke?

Thrillhouse2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Looks dudebro'd to me. D:

Look in between his eyebrows though, there seems to be a third eye or something.

The author of the magazine article had this to say on NeoGAF, "I'm the guy writing the article in this issue. Seriously, you've only seen some art and here you are raving as if you know anything at all. Have a little faith here, I highly doubt you'll be disapointed in this game!"

When asked further details about the game, they answered with, "Sorry, no can do, not yet. Our magazine is out on thursday and I'm pretty sure the juicy parts will get translated pretty quickly as usual if we are the first one. But as I said, have a little faith in the game, it looks great :)"

HolyOrangeCows2440d ago

They generic-fied him. Ugh.

Totally doesn't fit the spirit of the character....but they probably messed with that, too. He'll probably have NO personality.

Sashamaz2440d ago

I like the change, I hate the long hair on the other 1

DelbertGrady2440d ago

Looks like Tommy got Cole'd up.

newn4gguy2440d ago

Cole looks fine now.

Can you go an article without trolling?

Blad3star2440d ago

Why are you so [email protected]#king defensive.

He meant that the new character style looks alot like Cole. Where the f#$k did he say that Cole looks bad?

newn4gguy2440d ago

I'm not defensive. He is always trolling. He's obviously stating that they ruined his look like they did with Cole, allegedly. Why are YOU so defensive?

earbus2440d ago

I like the fact that the game looks a bit diff otherwise i may as well go back to the first.

KingPin2440d ago

so i take it you only played the first uncharted, duke nukem, sonic, gears of war, half life etc. its a franchise. best to keep the main character the same. unless ofcourse its the same game from a different perspective?

earbus2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Crap mix it up i have no hardcore attachment to any video game character i just dont care put mary poppins in for all i give a stuff.

KingPin2440d ago

i also have no hardcore attachment to any game character. but its a story which is synonymous with a said character. to go and change it killz the story. it wouldnt have the same feel. for example, changing duke nukem character in duke nukem 2 wont be as great of a hit. the catch phrases just wont have the same feel.

this is why video game devz need to innnovate. to keep the characters the same but improve the experience. theyv done it successfully many times in the past.

Crankbrute2440d ago

The first game was garbage!

AbyssGravelord2440d ago

you obviously don't know what a good game is.

AbyssGravelord2440d ago

Although I prefer the original Tommy, as the story is as compelling and the gameplay is as solid as the first game's I'm okay with the new look.

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