Ah, Twisted Pixel, the laughs your dialogue has brought us. The smiles put on our faces by your characters, and the hours and hours we’ve spent playing and replaying every clever level crafted by your designers. To say we were excited to get our hands on (or off? this is Kinect, after all) one of your latest creations at PAX East would be an understatement and, boy, did we come out impressed.

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Raven_Nomad2539d ago

Cant wait to get this game, really looks fantastic!
Gunstringer and Child Of Eden are really shaping up to be fantastic games for Kinect.

Bigpappy2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

If you say that it will be offensive on N4G. You might get banned. Don't say I didn't warn you.

But I am with you 100%. I will be grabbing both it they turn out as good as people are saying. But they do look fantastic.

Just_The_Truth2539d ago

happy for you really but look at both games and break them down both are on rails where you select the target with your hand then shake it like a polaroid picture to fire. Honestly wouldn't this game be better with the option of a controller or how easy could this work for the wii or move. Not trying to put anyone down but it's just the truth.

Raven_Nomad2539d ago

The recognition in Kinect is really amazing and responsive, I'd rather not use a controller to be honest, especially with Child Of Eden, it's the same with all the consoles, it's just looking better for Kinect IMHO. Gunstringer is just the first attempt at a FPS more "Core" title for Kinect.

The future looks bright, I mean Kinect only came out less then 5 months ago, so we'll see improvements and the like soon enough, if Kinect can mimic your mouth exactly how you talk and if it uses hand gestures to pause the game, there is no limits to what it can do in the future when they actually tap the power and tech.

Just_The_Truth2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

i hope so but so far i have not seen anything that can't be better done without kinect that i'd actually enjoy. I just remember seeing the natal trailer and thinking that will be amazing and milo that could be interesting but here we are today no milo, no scanning objects in a games or being able to try outfits on virtually and those thing could have been great but now people settle for a XBLA mini game that's on-rail i guess only time will tell officially but in the end i see a controller add-on for kinect being it's only hope you'd get the percision and the ablity to move on your own. What happened to those games too from TGS not one piece of new detail or screens and people have faith in them without doubt. I know people want to believe your 150 dollars weren't wasted but please for the love of god...... aw nevermind same with the "milo is real and will be awesome" age i won't get anything through to people that are obviously decided. time will tell............

Raven_Nomad2538d ago

You are the controller, some of the other stuff that was left out could always be added later on, I mean what were we promised with the PS3? Then what did we get?

It's something different in a lot of ways, unless you've actually played Kinect and seen how responsive it actually is, then you cant really say anything about it.

There are quite a few games for it NOT on rails, they will figure out how to use it without having everything on rails, Gunstringer is proving that it'll be possible, you don't need your whole body, but if Kinect can register facial features, then it can recognize other small subtle details that could easily be put into a true FPS or whatever.

The future looks bright for it with Gunstringer and Child Of Eden and Project Draco and some of the other games I've seen for it.

Just_The_Truth2537d ago

@Raven_nomad i've just went down the list of games that are out on wiki
i've broken them down into eight catagories
4.(stationary)on-rails-three( not including sports titles like soccer which would count but for the sake of simplicity let's not) 5. pet-one
7.(stationary)Kinect mini-game add-on -one

By the end of this year from announced games there will be a lot more of the sames just in a different wrapping.

BTW what did Sony promise with the ps3 that they didn't deliver on i'd honestly really like to know thanks.