Cancelled and Delayed Games After Japan Earthquake

SegmentNext - "After the earthquake in Japan, many of the game publishers have either delayed, canceled or halted services for different reasons".

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Nitrowolf22411d ago

wow that is really bad timing for Disaster Report 4.

Warprincess1162411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I know. The devs put in alot of hardwork into that game and then all of the sudden it gotten cancelled. It really unfair. I think they still should release the game.

SSKILLZ2411d ago

Wow isn't it kind of weird that "disaster report 4" got cancelled after a disaster ? O_O

rdgneoz32411d ago

Hopefully its just a long ass delay, and not completely canceled.

pixelsword2411d ago

私達の思考および祈りはあなた、日本とある; 強い滞在!

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ArronC072411d ago

Get a grip. Games being cancelled is the last item on the list of priorities.

Kurt Russell2411d ago

I think cancelling the disaster 4 game is a fair decision given the circumstances. Right now concentration should be on aid and the rebuilding of what has been lost. A few games being cancelled is a non-issue.

Spydiggity2411d ago

they should just export their development to European and American developers. the product would probably turn out much better anyway. pretty sure 90% of gamers are fed up with the nonsense that comes outta the japanese story-lines.

yume-k2411d ago

@ pixelsword

I can copypasta too

HappyGaming2411d ago It looked really cool although I didn't hear about it till now.

It was 3d ready right?

Consoldtobots2410d ago

there will be no rebuilding, half of japan will be a radiation wasteland.

tatical2410d ago

ことは、日本で本当に難しいです、私は本当に彼らはすぐに回復期 待

pixelsword2410d ago

@ yume-k:

but spellcheck is above your abilities, huh?

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Vherostar2411d ago

Its madness devs cancelling it because of the worlds situation. Why don't the games that actually exploit the bad things in the world still get released?? Like COD Black Ops for a fine example.. The world is backwards and this just proves Jap devs care about the worlds goings on unlike US devs who would exploit something like this.

Cenobia2411d ago

Black Ops got released because it is entirely fictional and has nothing to do with current events. I'm not sure what you are suggesting...that devs stop making and releasing shooters? That is stupid.

Were you thinking of the airport scene in MW2? That is skippable, and therfore optional. The game is also rated M.

I think censorship of all Mature games is a bit of an odd decision on your part.

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christian hour2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

@cenobia I think he means the fact that it kind of glorifies war, not the content of the game itself.

I agree, I think the popularity of war shooters is a bad thing, especially modern wars. Theres nothing remotely dignifiable (not even a word but you get what i mean) by modern war, it runs completely on greed and stands for nothing. Now make a game out of the current Libyan uprising and thats perfectly ok. Why? Because the people are fighting for freedom, there's purpose behind their violence, its their last resort after decades of crap.

Organization XII2411d ago


dkgshiz2410d ago

huh? Exploit what? Its a story. Nothing more. My god people take things way out of context and try to assume it has some sort of meaning yet it doesn't.

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RatherHavaBigGirl2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

in japan people have died, gone missing and become homeless along with battling the threat of a nuclear meltdown. games are the least of their worries.

danielle0072411d ago

Well, sure. It's really more than understandable, however, I appreciate the information nonetheless.

mastershredder2411d ago

Yup. I recall when Sega's Propeller Arena (Dreamcast) was cancelled as well as the location settings overhaul for Metal Gear Solid 2 due to the 9/11 events.

Propeller arena had arena style dogfights in city/skyscraper settings.
MGS2 originally had a finally that would have had arsenal gear smashing into the statue of liberty and running aground in Manhattan (taking out several city blocks while doing so). Too bad reality nipped them in the bud. Understandably canceled, but sad we did not get to see these before alteration/cancelation.

Zimmerman2411d ago

Maybe they physically LOST all of their work to the tsunami.

I think this might not be an optional thing.

n4f2411d ago

wtf @ alt source''MotorStorm Apocalypse delayed in the UK following travesty in Japan''

on topic it sad but its nothing cause i know japan is strong and they will recover

Honky Kong2410d ago

and its pre-orders jumped after the quake too

damnyouretall2410d ago

the only japan game i wanted was the last guardian. i really wanted it but now i dont care if i ever get it. thats life

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Bigpappy2411d ago

Man, I feel really bad for what the people of Japan had to endure. The disasters are getting bigger and bigger in scale. A bit unnerving actually.

SSKILLZ2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I know , I shit a brick when I heard this because I live in LA,CA,US and we are just waiting for are turn, the sand Andreas fault earthquake is long overdue .

zag2411d ago

That won't happen for a number of years now.

The pacific plate is banging into the Australian plate = earth quakes in Australia/New Zealand/Japan and other rim countries.

after a few years the paific plate will move back toward the US.

DeFFeR2411d ago

@zag... you have no idea what you are talking about. Go back to science class - the plates don't just "bang into" other plates and take turns on which direction they move. If you want a more detailed explanation of how it works, either wiki plate tectonics, or reply and I'll inform you of how it really works.

Nexus-Knight - San Andreas fault is a different type of fault than the one in Japan - it's a transform boundary (side by side) where the one in Japan is a subduction (one over the other) - the "overdue" is improperly used - if the fault experienced NO earthquakes for a period of time (even the little 2.0, 1.7, 3.2 etc) THEN you can assume it's overdue - but as it stands, the fault is releasing it's pressure a little at a time. Once the build up is too great, then we need to worry about "the big one" hitting the San Andreas Fault.

Sorry for the science lesson kiddos, back to gaming.

smithdown2411d ago

Way to tell it DeFFeR, give these kids some schooling!

It's not some continental executive toy, the plates are constantly in motion. I learned that when I was 13.

On topic, I wonder what will happen to Japanese culture now, considering how obsessed manga, anime and gaming is with the destruction of Japan. Tokyo has been destroyed more times in works of fiction than New York, London, Paris or any other cities combined! I guess it'll only be a matter of time before it becomes an approachable subject again.

I wish the best of luck to all those hanging on to survival in Japan, and my condolences to anyone who has lost somebody. I get the feeling we only know about the tiniest portion of the true scale of this disaster at the moment. :(

christian hour2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

@DeFFeR - - - cheers for the educating, just try not to be so condescending next time ;)

@smithdown I don't think much will change in terms of manga/anime/gaming for japan, they've a massive history of natural and man-made disasters which could explain why they love blowing the place up so much in their popular culture outlets... mass speculation on my part of course.

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Silly gameAr2411d ago

They seem to be a lot more frequent too.

Led-Zeppelin2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

:( why mother nature?

kesvalk2411d ago

it's what happens when men keep destroying the balance in earth ecosystem...

this is just the begining...

mac_sparrow2411d ago

um, no.

This is because we are in a phase of tectonic shift. We are in an icehouse phase and they continents are slowly reforming. Pangea ring any bells?

zag2411d ago

It has nothing to do with climate change, in fact nothing can be done about it, because it's the earth crust moving regardless of what happening on the surface or the air.

It's just nature at work.


This has nothing to do with ecosystems. Do you even know what an ecosystem is? Are you blaming this on Japan hunting whales? Do you think dolphins caused a tsunami as revenge? Come'on...

Mankind is irresponsible to its knowledge in many ways, one you could point is that we still populate obviously dangerous areas (as geological faults) but 99% of the times, as in Japan, the place was occupied long before people even know earth firmly rests as plates over jelly. It's impractical to move entire populations like that anyway, not much men can do about it.

AKA2411d ago

Look at the sheep linking "Wikipedia " o.O

kids its called HARP that is uses by the NWO
they tease it in Battle of LA in the start of the movie, "breaking new, a huge earthquake hit Japon" its not a game.

Come on people dont let them fool you.

YoungKingDoran2410d ago

fossil fuels (like mako energy) are the lifestream of the planet. when we keep taking it out of the ground, the planet freaks out, then releases giant monsters called Weapons.

dkgshiz2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Sure thing Al Gore. Go back to 5th grade. That is when I learned about how earth quakes work. Pro tip-it has nothing to do with man kind destroying Earth. For the love of god get off N4G and turn it to the Discovery Channel for a little bit. Learn something. HERP DERP.

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Lykon2411d ago

at the least the dolphins and whales might get a month off from being slaughtered

DeFFeR2411d ago

I'm sad to report that you don't follow the news much...

Have you ever heard of Whale Wars the TV show? Sea Shepherd, captained by Paul Watson is a group of people who harass the Japanese whalers every whaling season... well, they did their job so well, that Japan canceled their whaling season already.

Also - They don't hunt the whales right off the coast of Japan - so even if they were hunting, they would be down near Antarctica anyway...

Lykon2411d ago

oh thanks for that info well done to paul watson and co, i'll have to look out for that on tv

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