Feed Your Console Review: Homefront

Feed your Console says:

The Reds are coming! No I don’t mean the ruskies – I’m talking about the Korean People’s Army landing on American soils and Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs everywhere.

Written by John Milius, co-writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn(special nod to both those titles cast throughout the game – GO WOLVERINES!!!), Homefront takes place in the not so distant future after the Koreas have united and amassed a powerful allied force with a full on Nuclear arsenal.

The plausibility of the events that take place in Homefront almost made me a little uneasy which is probably why I really enjoyed the story. Being deeply rooted in a more modern and “speculative future”, Homefront hits home in more than 1 way. More recently with the issues in Japan I found it eerie that one of the collectibles I found said “After the destruction of one its nuclear facilities by Korean special forces, Japan surrenders to the Greater Korean Republic”. Not exactly what’s going on but still creepy right?

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2fk2506d ago

when is this going to be rated by the pros. i really want to see how gr8 this game is

gravemaker2506d ago

its really shady that IGN, gamespot or gametrailers hasnt review this bullshit yet

sickbird2506d ago

guarantee IGN gives it a 7.5. I can't wait to play it tomorrow.

Focker4202506d ago

The embargo hasn't been lifted yet... unfortunately.

Crazay2506d ago

It's a pretty sweet game. I would have liked for the campaign to be a little longer.