How Homefront, MAG And Battlefield Are Changing The Face Of The FPS Genre

Every developer likes to sit down and toot their own horn, informing gamers about how their game will immediately change the shape of things to come. However, the fact of the matter remains that very few games manage to do this. Change within the gaming industry rarely occurs with a single title. Once a trend has been established, every other developer out there naturally jumps on the bandwagon and it becomes difficult to veer away from the newly imposed norm.

A fantastic example of this is Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, two first person shooter franchises that have been at each other's throats for longer than most care to remember. They were the first to set the stage for an epic single player experience before moving on to define what core FPS gameplay can be like on consoles. We, as gamers, have a lot to thank - or perhaps blame - these two series for. Yet, while Activison and EA use these flagship titles to duke it out, other developers have been trying to change the shooting genre in their own way. Slowly, but surely, they are making online a lot more interesting and forcing these two titanic development teams to rethink their game plan...

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mephman2595d ago

Each of them brought (or will bring) something new to the genre, and you can't really ask much more than that. Nobody likes carbon copies.

Wenis2594d ago

Its funny though how Homefront and MAG probably wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Battlefield. But anything that is different from COD in my opinion is a good thing for the genre.

StanLee2594d ago

Great alternatives but they're not Call of Duty competitors. These games barely have sustainable communities while Modern Warfare 2 still has over 100,000 unique users online each day and Black Ops at near 250,000. The reality is, they're fun alternatives but Call of Duty is still the largest and most sustainable community.

HolyOrangeCows2594d ago

From what I've seen of HomeFront (Essentially all of the campaign - ), I'm not sure I believe that Homefront is bringing anything new to the genre.

This is the author's argument:
"Homefront where players who do particularly well are not only given bonuses during a game, but are also flagged by the enemy team for their performance"
THAT "changes the face of the FPS genre"?

The multiplayer looks pretty much just like Bad Company 2.
And I think I'll just stick to BC2.

Biggest2594d ago

I think that is an awesome idea. King of the Hill was an awesome game as a kid. Having a version of it in a team based game is awesome. Awesome.

Tony-Red-Grave2594d ago

I LIKE HOW mag PUSHED FOR COMPLETE TEAMWORK WITH A MIX OF RUN AND GUN AS WELL AS THE 256 IDEA -sorry cap locs im not about to erase and rewrite lol- as well as the MMO aspect and continued support their only mistake was the crowd they aimed for was to small hopefuly MAG makes an impact on future MMOFPS games.

fozzness2595d ago

Homefront is already causing a stir on YouTube with its ads and such. I really hope it can live up to the hype. But yea, I'm getting almost as tired of the CoD series as I was with the Guitar Hero series.. and that's pretty darn tired.

ShawnCollier2595d ago

From the reviews so far it looks like it will.

JDouglasGU2595d ago

i'm definitely curious about homefront, although the premise is ridiculous - americans have these strange invasion fantasies.

Hardedge2595d ago

Ironic, since they're still in Iraq.

Tony-Red-Grave2594d ago

guitar hero was canned remember no more of that anymore

hellzsupernova2595d ago

yeah MAG YEAH! lol. but seriously MAG was great ufn after you get use to its damn frustrating at first. Cannot wait to give homefront a blast

-Alpha2595d ago

What made MAG frustrating?

oddexarcadia2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

From a long time MAG player with a limited FPS background there are a couple things, off the top of my head, that were frustrating about it.

The #1 thing would be players that are expecting a CoD experience. These types of players tend not to listen to plans, run alone, and generally make it harder on their teammates to make an effective offense/defense.

The #2 most frustrating thing about MAG is the learning curve. It is not an easy game by any means. Not only are you expected to work as a tight knit team, you must do so on maps that border on the size of MMO worlds. Combine this with the pure chaos of 256 players on one map, mortar and air strikes, objectives, moving spawn points, etc.

I can see why some, if not most, that picked this game up would be frustrated with it. Though those that stuck with it, were rewarded with a win that cannot compare to having the most kills in the "traditional" FPS.

-Alpha2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Ah, #1 is common in every game that isn't COD lol.

Anyways, the learning curve is tough but I enjoyed it.

I don't think it was hard to learn-- the missions were confusing at first, but what I truly enjoy about MAG is that it's "Demons Soul's" In FPS form.

You start off weak and needing the shelter of your team until you progress, unlock better abilities, and become a leader.

What makes MAG tough is that when you start you are so gimped of features and abilities. You have to really EARN everything in that game. K3 is sort of the same way, but MAG was much more expansive.

IMO it created a great team dynamic-- never have I faithfully relied on my team more than I have with MAG.

Zipper executed the whole thing so well, and I think the ass-kicking I got was balanced by the loving nature of my teammates.

It could have been such a disaster-- a 256, unorganized f*ckfest. But it was genuinely well structured, flowed well, and managed to get players to play the way they are supposed to.

oddexarcadia2594d ago

LoL I agree with you 100%.

Also, MAG is the reason I am in the clan I am now. So not only did I enjoy over 400 hours in MAG, I've become very close to most of the guys in the clan, because of the amazing team dynamics built in.

And to be fair, it was tough for me to learn because the only FPS I had played up until MAG was the Left4Dead series.

A little bit off topic intelligent, engaging conversation at N4G? What's going on here?? LoL

hellzsupernova2594d ago

it was hard to get use to at first thats all i dont hate the game or anything i dont want it to be like CoD i enjoy the teamwork adn the massive battles. i thought it was a very underated shooter and wouldve liked a bigger player base to be honest

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Hardedge2595d ago

I think BF started this a long time ago. Other than that, Call of Duty used to be awesome before it went to consoles.

TheXonySbox2594d ago

COD is still OK, but boring.

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