Sony Ericsson Xperia Play “blows PSP out of the water many times over,” says developer

While anticipation is high for the forthcoming Xperia Play, some have wondered just how capable a gaming device it is. According to games developer Trendy Entertainment it far exceeds the capabilities of the PlayStation Portable.

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Otheros002599d ago

Either show me some proof or shut it.

Spinal2599d ago

If you ain't interested in the device, GTFO!

No-one is forcing you to buy it. lol.

hay2599d ago

Wow, that's a lot blowing right there.

Quoting: "When asked how the Xperia Play compared with the PSP in terms of power and 3D capabilities, Stieglitz revealed: “the Xperia Play blows it out of the water many times over,” adding that “the Xperia Play can handily play any high-end Android game on the market and then some.”"

Read the article kid and use brain.
If it can run high-end Android games it's quite powerfull, which must be several times more powerful than psp. Obviously.

plb2599d ago

Well it has a 1ghz processor and probably more ram and a better graphics chip as well.

Keith Olbermann2599d ago

What Android game looks better and has as much game in it as God of War Ghost of Sparta? Name one please...

Otheros002599d ago

And how many android games are as good or graphically better than psp games? None.

hay2599d ago

@Keith Olbermann & Otheros00: You don't really get those platforms specifics do you?
Android is open with various specs so if someone wants to make a game, they must take into consideration how many people will be able to run it. With PSP you have install base and that's it. With Android this install base is strongly divided 'cause of variety of hardware specs.

Grow brain, then we'll argue.

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zeal0us2599d ago

I think Jeremy Stieglitz meant it would blow the pspgo out of the water, The psp-2000/3000 is still in the water

Hardware wise it will beat the psp-go/2000&3000 but the NGP not so much. The one it got is games, the app markets for google android don't really have any games that could fully utilize this device hardware, excluding gameloft offband knock-off. Now the ps1 games could/will utilize the hardware thank god

Ju2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

The PSP keeps up pretty well, considering its ancient hw. 2xMIPS cores @ ~300MHz are quite easily outperformed by todays phones.

If you can't see a lot of games matching latest PSP games (and, btw, the PSPGo is identical to the 2000/3000 spec wise!) is mainly the reason non of those phone games (android or ios) are optimized for OpenGL/ES2.0 and shader support.

This will mostly change with dedicated PSS games for the XPeria play. Adreno205 is with Samsung's Humingbird (SGX540) the fastest GPU on the market; now beaten bye Motorola's Atrix (Tegra2 - and faster then the iPhone4).

A GoW could run circles in a Xperia version compared to the PSP - if developers would optimize for that platform; utilizing the 1GHz cpu and pushing the GPUs.

Dungeon Defenders might us that. I wold hope some more PSP devs will jump on the device and deliver games for it. Those games will also nicely scale towards the NGP later this year.

Spinal2599d ago

My next phone, prepping my iPhone 4 for sale or might give it to the Mrs. She loves the Spider Bryce Manor game on it.... haven't decided yet since its still worth alot of money :)

Can't wait to play my emulators and roms on this device! actual buttons!

And Crash Bandicoot, Tenchu and Syphon filter! Win! not to mention Metal Gear Solid 1 and Final fantasy 7.

SuperStrokey11232599d ago

PSP is like 5 years old... it better out do it lol.

Theyellowflash302599d ago

Thats what I was thinking. But with that being said I'll still take a PSP over this thing. 2 reasons: Price and Games. Not to mention you don't have to be a really smart to know that you can get any game on the PSP for free.

SuperStrokey11232599d ago

They server totally different purposes, they shouldnt be compared at all.

Ju2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

How do they serve different purposes? I like my PSP Go - because it is so close to a phone.

Now this thing is the closest you can get to a PSP(Go). If I'd have Savage Moon on the Go and my phone (given it would be a XPlay - not a GalaxyS - LOL) I would most likely play that on my phone.

NiteX2599d ago

Been needing a new phone for a long time now. Been using a Blackjack 2 for years now. It seems like this thing came along at the perfect time for me. Now I just hope AT&T gets it.

typikal822599d ago

I'm starting to shy away from the XP, I originally thought it would play PSP games, but it won't. Only PSone and whatever games they put on that PlayStation Android platform. Plus I bet its gonna be like $300 w/ a 2 year contract here.

I already have VZW and do need to upgrade from my Droid1 but I don't think this is what I wanted.

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