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Gaming Industry Damaged After Japan's Earthquake

Unless you have been living in a cave or haven’t left your gaming den this last weekend, you should be aware of the recent events in Japan. The tsunami and earthquake combination has claimed the lives of thousands of people and the death toll is continuing to rise. The industry for Japanese gaming is also suffering, and some of the most notable occurrences have been listed below. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Jamaicangmr  +   1571d ago
@ Warprincess116
You make me sick to my stomach. I pray you never have to endure anything like what the people of Japan are having to right now.

It's been 2hrs why hasn't Her/his post been deleted as yet admins?
dougr  +   1571d ago
because there is nothing wrong with her post. It's her opinion, her priorities are gaming over caring about someone she will never see in her life.
CaptainGreece  +   1571d ago
Why are people getting so judgmental? It is sad period. Japan has given me so many of my childhood memories.
spunnups  +   1571d ago
The entire country is affected so yes, Japan based Sony and Nintendo will be as well. The country is in complete shambles and my heart goes out to them.
SSKILLZ  +   1571d ago
Me too T_T .....no worries about those ps3s they will probably swim back.... According to update 3.60
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1571d ago
that actually made me giggle well happines before the shitstorm of disarees im going to get as well as a removed bubble but i dont mind its worth if if i can tell these people off

have a bubble
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   1571d ago
Gaming website talking about gaming issues related to the Japanese earthquake. And people are mad about discussing the earthquake effects on the industry of your hobby. I find that odd. We all know those poor people are suffering. We all know the devastation of japan's infrastructure.

Those poor people include people in other countries besides japan whom are financially dependent on the Japanese market including it's gaming market. Japan's economy is intertwined with the global economy of the world. They suffer financially so shall we.

Grieve if you must, but be a little cognizant that the effects of the quake affect on others financially who may not be able to pay their bills state side or in other countries. And that is not said with any intent to decrease the tragedy of what happened!
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ZILLA  +   1571d ago
by making this PS3 best year EVER!!
Blad3star  +   1571d ago
Your name and avatar does not help Japan.
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Jamaicangmr  +   1570d ago
HelghastDrake  +   1571d ago
PS3 gamers dont buy games to begin with, dont see how this changes anything..

Before you disagree all you have to do is look at FACTS. Killzone 3 selling 225,000 in its first week is downright awful for a game of its stature.

Why dont PS3 fans just admit they only like exclusives just for the bragging rights, they dont actually put their money where their mouth is and BUY THEM.
Michael-Jackson  +   1571d ago
Yes I looked at the facts and VGchatz has it at 820,000+, in other words they do buy games, trollolol.
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Nathaniel_Drake  +   1571d ago
Why do some people think that selling a game day one or first couple of weeks due to hype is going to doom the game? So many examples of 1st party games selling down the road as sales add on. Uncharted 1 and 2 Ratchet...etc
MajestieBeast  +   1571d ago
I wouldnt be surprised if The last guardian is gonna slip in to 2012 with everything thats going on in Japan now. Hope they get back on their feet fast.
duplissi  +   1571d ago
to all you guys actually arguing about games in this artice:

go fuck yourselves.
ChickeyCantor  +   1571d ago
I love how your comment adds something to the moral aspect here.

duplissi  +   1570d ago
haha thanks...

it just pisses me off that thousands of people are dead and even more without homes and all people can talk about is what company is more humanitarian or what games are still coming out...

theres a bit of a bigger issue here folks..
telekineticmantis  +   1571d ago
I wonder if the donated money will actually
reach Japan unlike haiti's relief fund.
Blad3star  +   1571d ago
The answer to your question is no.

Out of 100% only 30% reaches the actual victims.

I know this because I had to do a paper on politics and corruption.
telekineticmantis  +   1571d ago
If it's not too much of a bother, and you did your research on the internet, I would appreciate a link to that info, particularly the haiti relief info.
earbus  +   1571d ago
Just heard about the volcano acting up in japan ,4 reactors in trouble now the nikkei just slipped 14% even after the 85 million injection yesterday wow , nothing can break the peoples resolve.
GoldPS3  +   1571d ago
Japan earthquake is another sign that Jesus is coming soon. As of right now I don't give 2 cents about the games being canceled now. There's other things to worry about instead of gaming.

It's ashame that some people care more for material things instead of humans sufferings. People lost friends and family and all you people care about is your games. I like to game too but I care more for a human than material object.
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itsralf  +   1571d ago
dougr  +   1571d ago
Jesus will come just to punch you in the face for saying he is coming because of an earthquake along the pacific ring of fire.
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CaptainGreece  +   1571d ago
Guys this is so bad JAPAN IS HAVING 3 NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS :(. This sucks.
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earbus  +   1571d ago
Looks like 4 in meltdown now just awfull.
ShinFuYux  +   1571d ago
Massive earthquakes, tsunami, nuclear melt down, japanese stock market dropping incredibly fast, radiation leaking and infecting people.

God, japan is in a terrible state....
SuperDopetastic  +   1571d ago
Fuck the gaming industry.This is bigger than peoples video games,they want to talk about damage,lives were damaged,buildings were damaged,you have a nuclear crysis with anybody stepping out of there house within 19 miles of the play are at risk of getting sick from nuclear radiation.
SuperDopetastic  +   1571d ago
plant* sorry,typo
drsnobby  +   1571d ago
I wish the MODS would do there job and not let these kind of articles in the community.this article is full of selfishness and lack of respect for the lost lives in japan.N4G has sunk to a new low of gaming journalism.todays word is "EMPATHY",look it up and use it in your daily lives gamers and maybe we wouldn,t have to read trash like this on a daily basis.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1571d ago
People like you need to STFU.

This article isn't about a selfish act.
Its something which is provoked by the disaster.
There are MANY subjects that arise from this event.

Of course their lives are important.
However on a gaming related website, you will get gaming related topics(obvious is obvious).
This disaster affected their industry and economy.
So this is about that, exactly that.

We all know that the poor victims need all the help and support they can get. However that doesn't mean you can't talk about other aspects of the after math.
drsnobby  +   1570d ago
Would you like some chese with that whine your having?use the word EMPATHY in your life
ChickeyCantor  +   1570d ago

Empathy isn't just a one way road.
How about you turn off that tunnelvision?

Trying to be a moral douche, give me a break.

You are the one whining, im just giving you a piece of perspective.
Now go crawl back in your cave and die.
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drsnobby  +   1570d ago
To bad your perspective on life is narrower than your mind.lifes hardest lesson for you is putting yourself in other peoples shoes.your name calling indicates to me that i,m talking to a kid.when you grow up come back and have an adult conversation.
ChickeyCantor  +   1569d ago

Wow, Obviously you missed the point of the post at hand. You are so damn ignorant.

In your cave, now.
drsnobby  +   1569d ago
name calling explains your childish thoughts on matters that concerns humanity.i pray that you will find peace and joy in ur life and get some bubbles so we can talk more :)
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VonBraunschweigg  +   1571d ago
As a gamer a good thing you can do right now is login to your favorite online game, look around for some Japanese players - yes they are playing right now, think of gaming as a way to escape reality for a while - and just say you follow the news and all, ask them how they're doing. Perhaps a dumb question with all the disasters going on, but they'll appreciate it none the less. Japan is strong and doesn't need our help like Haïti did last year, all their industries will survive and it doesn't matter what games may be delayed or cancelled, what matters is a little compassion, that's all. Or as mentioned above, empathy.
gumgum99  +   1571d ago
Just don't confuse empathy with oversensitivity like many here are doing. Its ok to grieve, and care about Japan's safety, its humane, but don't use that as a blanket excuse to attack people from doing their job.

Life is still going, the world hasn't stop that day, and people still have to make a living. I know you wouldn't stop doing a job like this all of a sudden out of empathy if it is the on;y way you make money to feed your family. Humanity is a two way street.
xtreampro_REVENGE!  +   1571d ago
I highly doubt Sony or any Japanese dev cares about their gaming industry right now, but of course here on n4g the brain washed kids seem to only think about that even thought the leaders behind this industry don't give a dam.

Sony and other devs would drop this industry to save their lives if they really do care about their selves and others.
scissor_runner  +   1571d ago
You are not making any sense at all japan needs gaming to regain it's economy. It is a major employer and these article high light another coming devastator the possibly that the gaming industry could not be collapsed. This is the news that many will not report on simply because they don't see it. So in my mind much more is at stake and the events are far worst than you can even imagine now. Radiation is a silent killer and staying in doors isn't going to stop it.
SlaughterMeister  +   1570d ago
Japan's nuclear facilities are in danger of melting down, and in fact, some have experienced "mini-meltdowns". This is such a concern that uranium stocks (not supplies, trading stocks) are falling worldwide.

Boo-hoo, the video game market has been harmed. Who gives a shit? People are dead, dying, and living without homes.

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