Bioware Employee Caught Reviewing Dragon Age II

Bioware, EA, and Dragon Age II have met with a lot of scandal over the past week, from accusations of SecuROM, to forum banning, and now to a Bioware employee supposedly inflating the user scores for the game on metacritic.

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TheLiztress2348d ago

Oh, wow... The only way they can get a great review is to have a staff member review it? Do we know if he did it on his own or was paid by EA/Bioware to do it?

josh143992348d ago

Sadly the game is actually great and people are judging the whole game on the demo which even i didn't like much.

TheLiztress2348d ago

I still haven't tried the demo. Regardless of how bad it might be or the deal with SecuROM, I do plan on getting the game at some point. But it's not going to be a PC purchase. I'm going to get it for the same system I got Dragon Age: Origins on.

TheDeadMetalhead2348d ago

"Sadly the game is actually great and people are judging the whole game on the demo which even i didn't like much."

Sup Bioware.

dc12348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I finished the game - Played every side quest.. Right around 68hrs. (I took my time and looked around.. trying to pull every little piece of positive aspect out of it.. I wanted to like it.)

Sadly, The game is a half backed RPG and deserved a 7.5 out of 10 at best standing on its own.
Most folks (including myself) view it in light of Dragon age Origin with pushes the 7.5 down to 6.5. (Most folks who follow the DA world and hung on Bioware’s every word associated with this project was asked to do just that!)
Let me be clear. I love Bioware
- I was compelled to platinum Dragon Age Origin
- I was compelled to platinum Mass Effect 2 (played it through 3 times)

Unfortunately, DA 2 comes across as a washed down rush job that looks like it took every bit of a year and a few months to put together…..

im-12-years-old2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Many people are judging it on the actual finished product. Imo, it's a mediocre RPG at best, not a 9/10.

End of line

LunaticBrandon2348d ago

Whats a demo for? If Bioware/EA made a bad demo for a good game they deserve all the lost sales they get.

MaxXAttaxX2348d ago

Too many false positives/negatives.

LeGenDx2348d ago

da2 is freaking awful an this is coming from a person WHO LOVED DA1, such a downgrade man.

pixelsword2348d ago

"Conspiracy Theory" is thrown around a lot, but few people realize that a theory is basically an assumption based upon facts.

Senden2347d ago

Well isn't that the idea of the demo, to give people a playable advertisement? It seems to be a common thing with EA demos lately letting people down then fans coming out saying the full game is much better. That's on EA to make the demo accurately represent the demo in a way which makes the game appealing to potential buyers.

EVILDEAD3602347d ago

Like 'USER' reviews mean a thing on Metacritic. 90% of the people who review the extreme high or love reviews never even played the game. Some of the fan kids don't even own the system let alone the title they reviewed. So if a reviewer felt that way about his own game then so be it. It's his opinion on a website with anonymous users.

Still can't wait to get around to playing DA2


hay2347d ago

This isn't really something new. When you have soft dev companies making apps, features or whatever, among first reviews there will ususally be fake ones written by the workers. It's common practice.

Anon19742347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

We're talking about an employee who offered his opinion of the game in the USER reviews. You know the user reviews, the section spammed by malcontents, 80% of which haven't even played the game?

A place where useful, thoughtful reflection on the game itself is replaced by "0 out of 10! The worst 60 dollar pile of junk I've ever purchased. Cannot believe how bad the role playing is, and how meaningless the dialogue. Voice overs are pathetic, with no inspiration what so ever. This is a sequel? Hack and slash only, what a waste!" Wow. Thanks for that insightful review.

This is much ado about nothing. If some Bioware employee opened up a website posing as a gaming mag and then put up a review, that's something. An employee offering his opinion in the user section - this is much ado about nothing. One employee review isn't going to suddenly boost the overall score from the 4.2 or wherever the hell it is right now.

undercovrr2347d ago

I completely agree, I'm loving the game.

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Beefstew4u2348d ago

Nothing wrong with being proud of a product you worked on.

Neckbear2348d ago

It's an actually prohibited practice in America, for one:

TheLiztress2348d ago

I agree. But writing a review for the very game you worked on is going to be a biased move. Of course, you're going to give it a great score and review.

HolyOrangeCows2348d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

LOL, oh Bioware. As if making a shorter game, filled with cutscenes and scarred with a more tedious combat system weren't enough.

You had to take it to the next level; censor criticism, add SecuROM, and now....

....break business ethic laws!
Achievement Unlocked: Reach New Low. -100000 points.

"Well, Bioware is a Canadian company. Different set of rules?"
It's an American owned company; they probably have to answer to American ethic codes or else EA could be charged.
....wait a minute...who care? They're trying to spread BS by pretending to be a customer. Who cares if it's legal or not? They're being dishonest.

banjadude2348d ago

@ Neckbear

I did not know about that. Thanks for the link/info.

Pandamobile2348d ago


Well, Bioware is a Canadian company. Different set of rules?

radphil2348d ago


The point coming across is that it's shady.

Beefstew4u2347d ago

Not much worse than the average N4G fanboy rating console exclusives as either flawless 10 games, or horrible 0.1 pieces of crap.

Biggest2347d ago

That depends. Is the N4G fanboy an employee of a development company?

Beefstew4u2347d ago

Probably not, but it still doesn't change the fact that user reviews on metacritic are almost always biased and useless. If you want a credible review of a game, go to a professional gaming website.

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xAlmostPro2348d ago

Makes me where else employees might have reviewed their own game COD maybe lol

ArronC072347d ago

Sadly most companies employ people to go on those sites and on forums to post positive comments about their products. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all do it.

Vherostar2347d ago

Don't need to do this though the only reason its getting bad scores is the PC version isn't as good as the second game was made with all 3 systems in mind rather than consoles being an after thought. So PC gamers are hitting out at DA2 and it's a shame as it's just as good as the first and the fact its a little different I like as it doesn't feel like an expansion like every shooter released each year.

mobijoker2347d ago

Just checked the metacritic user reviews.It seems that the users who are giving it 10/10 have got only one review and that is of DA2.Check out on metacritic.Out of 10 positive reviews,DA2 is the 1st review for 9 reviewers.Too much to be a coincidence.

Perjoss2347d ago

That's interesting info, but i dont think anyone pays attention to the user reviews, do they? in the past its been proven that fans of certain consoles will intentionally down rate a game just because its an exclusive on the 'opposing' console. I think this has happened with both ps3 and 360 games. Similar to perfectly good games getting rated down on amazon due to DRM.

killershadow1172347d ago

You should probably get it on PC since the console scores are actually bringing the game down, they are alot better than the first dragon age on the console but the PC is still far superior to it.

RatherHavaBigGirl2347d ago

this is nothing new. if companies have the same access to forums as the consumers what makes you think they wont use it to give their products good reviews? peep game folks

Sony3602347d ago

It was an engineer, not a developer or a publisher.

Overblown news as usual.

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josh143992348d ago

I don't see anything wrong with this he is probably upset that people are saying bad things about a game he was involved in making and wanted to try to get people to give it a chance. The game isn't that bad everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of hate even though they have only played the demo.