Ubisoft’s 3DS lineup video shows first Rayman 3D footage

Ubisoft has released a 3DS lineup video, which shows the first footage ever of Rayman 3D as well as other games including Driver Renegade.

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Masterchef20072655d ago

Rayman is like Mario except instead of being from big N its from a 3rd party studio.

Not bashing the console in any way but at least here in Spain the ads are horrible. They are all the same you see some celeb holding the DS and commenting on the 3D. But you never see any footage of the games. Which i find poor on Nintendos part because i believe that if they show off the visuals (which are GC quality at least) people would be more interested in the device.

Regardless on how they handle marketing the device will sell a lot no matter how good or bad it is.

Masterchef20072654d ago

Oh i am so sorry did i hurt your feelings? I did not know you were so attached to nintendo.

Anyways if this makes you feel better what i stated is just my opinion. You have the freedom to agree or disagree with it.

I will still stand with my opinion that the ADs in spain for the 3DS are horrible. Usually Nintendo shows off gameplay but all they show is some old guy holding the DS and make a claim on how good 3D is.

Dont believe me well here it is

The best trailer i have seen for a new handheld so far was the NGP one.

I really believe that the ads for the 3DS should be more like this one.