GameCentral: MotorStorm Apocalypse Review

GameCentral writes "The fourth game in Sony's off-road racing series offers a very different kind of urban driving experience, with special effects inspired by 2012 rather than The Fast and the Furious."

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NiteX2625d ago

"Cons: Listless and unsophisticated driving model seems seriously underdesigned compared to the rest of the game. Limited racing modes. Ugly cut scenes."

Does anyone have any idea what that means?

PlayerX2625d ago

Lol if any PS3 exclusive gets less than a 10 N4G cries itself to sleep.

xAlmostPro2625d ago

lol @playerx or maybe it's just funny that this year ps3 has the most exclusives and even though each one makes improvements over the previous game(as stated in most of the reviews aswell) they keep getting scored lower, how does that work?

Either way, i base my opinions on demo's and word of mouth not reviews

MrBeatdown2625d ago

Awesome. The guy asked a simple question that you couldn't answer, but that didn't stop you from jumping on the troll bandwagon.

Gee, do I go with "off-topic" or "trolling"? Decisions, decisions.


I guess it's a fancy way of saying it's uninspired and overly simple. I really couldn't tell you why that makes any sense though. I have no idea what the opposite would be. I always thought MotorStorm's handling was pretty good, especially considering the variety of vehicles. Each vehicle has always felt radically different and seemed to handle the way you would expect them too.

nevin12625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I amost got the impression he didnt know pacific rift had 4 player split screen.

killcycle2625d ago

Wait a minute..

Does Apocalypse NOT have split screen!?

TheMrMadzen2625d ago

Apocalypse have split screen

Cyrax_872625d ago

I like how the story/cut scenes and now listed as cons and are dragging the scores down. The 1st two Motorstorms had no story at all.

FailOverHero2624d ago

If they didn't want the game's story and cutscenes to be reviewed then they should have kept them out of the game.
It's very simple, reviewers are supposed to review entire games, not just the parts that are good, the whole package and if one part of the whole package is flawed then it WILL drag the overall score down.
I'll give you a simple example:
If chef makes an omlette using 5 perfect eggs, it will be perfect
If that same chef makes another one with 5 perfect eggs and one ROTTEN egg should the resulting omlette be deemed perfect because it is the same as the previous one with added bonus??
Here's another simple example: Upcoming BMW 6 series, it is beautiful. Now I come along and I put a canopy on it and I call it an added bonus. Does my 6 series look perfect now?
I hope I don't have to explain this to any of you again. Games will be reviewed for EVERYTHING you put in there. More does not always mean better.

callahan092624d ago

Somehow I don't see having a couple of boring cutscenes that I can skip as being as detrimental to the experience as a rotten egg in my omelette.

spunnups2625d ago

Some of the gameplay looked a tad linear and I am a tad worried the set pieces might end up being "meh". Here's hoping I'm wrong because I own the first two.

pixelsword2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Gameplay being linear...


Yeah, I could easily say that going down a line a few times qualifies as being linear.


KwietStorm2625d ago

A racing game being linear..who ever would' know what, fuck it. I really can't believe you just said that.

Buho2624d ago

LOL that is just as dumb as saying there is too much shooting in a FPS/TPS. It's a Racing game, not an RPG. Crappy review. Will wait for the demo.

spunnups2624d ago

Haha no sorry I didn't mean "linear" technically I meant it seems as if there are too many straight away's and not enough snaking and hair pin turns.

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