Game Reactor cover features Prey 2

Cover for new Game Reactor provides a bit of insight into the style of Prey 2.

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Thrillhouse2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

What I said from the other Prey article:

Looks dudebro'd to me. D:

Look in between his eyebrows though, there seems to be a third eye or something.

The author of the magazine article had this to say on NeoGAF, "I'm the guy writing the article in this issue. Seriously, you've only seen some art and here you are raving as if you know anything at all. Have a little faith here, I highly doubt you'll be disapointed in this game!"

When asked further details about the game, they answered with, "Sorry, no can do, not yet. Our magazine is out on thursday and I'm pretty sure the juicy parts will get translated pretty quickly as usual if we are the first one. But as I said, have a little faith in the game, it looks great :)"

YoungKingDoran2683d ago

woohoo. i loved prey. had some AWESOME moments.
like when you walked into that portal, and you got transported onto that planetoid about the size of a baseball and you're like wtf then you realise bullets are flying at you and youve got to take care of some business.
but yeah, good game. doom 3 engine ftw

Mustang300C20122683d ago

Been looking forward to a another one. I may buy the first game again just to play through it.