PAX East 11: Socom 4 – New Mutliplayer Modes Revealed

DualShockers writes: DS Senior editor, Al Zamora, has yet again conducted a great interview from this year’s PAX East. This time around Al talks to Socom 4 lead designer, Travis Steiner, about the game’s online components and what new additions can be expected. There are typical things like deathmatch and capture the flag based game modes, but will be out-shined by Socom 4‘s innovative features in gameplay and match queues.

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GOODKyle2562d ago

I'm really looking forward to Bombsquad. I can imagine the player all "pillowed" up lol

taz80802562d ago

Bombsquad sounds like an awesome mode that changes up the concept that CS started but mixes it with Hurt Locker. Genius.

mau642562d ago

Hope I can get in the beta...

MidnytRain2562d ago

There is a public beta on the 5th of April - no worries.

AKA2562d ago

old school will be!!!

Tripl3seis2562d ago

In my opinion this game is looking ace so far can't wait to get in the beta next week!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.