Features the PS3 Desperately Needs

Without a doubt Sony Computer Entertainment has done an excellent job when it comes to their current gaming home console, the PS3. To be honest, this isn’t really a surprise given their previous experience and success in the gaming market with the PSOne, PS2, and of course the PSP. The PS3 has come a long way since it was released back in 2006. Considering it had such a slow start due to a pretty average games line-up and only a handful of features back in the day compared to the competition, this is pretty monumental.

Although Sony has added dozens of new features to the PS3, it is still missing a lot that the consumers have been passionately demanding for a long time, and others that pick my personal interest and make us wonder what the heck is Sony thinking.

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jizzyjones2683d ago

Optionally install full games should be on there aswell, an maybe faster in game messaging/invite system.

Xulap2683d ago

That's a good one. Or just let us choose how much we want to install, like PlayStation Home and a few PSP games do.

MintBerryCrunch2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


Too Soon? ;)

NewMonday2682d ago

Full install and quick launch for multiplayer parts of games, I switch frequently between DCUO, Killzone and Battlefield BC2, often I just commit to one for the whole day, but having all of them on the HD will make switching back and forth much simpler.

Imagine having friends playing GT5, others DCUO, others on COD, and being able to play with all quickly.

LoVeRSaMa2682d ago

I agreed with every item on that list in that article.

I am sure Sony announced it was working on cross game chat last year? ;o

Was right around the time they were surveying users on how much people would pay for PSN +

Wonder how far they have gotten..

And Google Chrome would be AWESOME!

Christopher2682d ago

Nice to have on most of those, but would never say desperately needed.

Regarding move UI, I'm not sure I'd even use it. While Sports Champions is a good motion game and Echochrome ii is awesome with the Move, I've found that navigating with the Move controller needs some refinement before they devote more time to a UI specific for the device.

Biggest2682d ago

I know one feature the PS3 doesn't desperately need.


And it's the one feature that every other console seems to care the least for.

Cenobia2682d ago

Then I could just rent those games to get the multiplayer components (Except DCUO, I guess, since you pay monthly).

Sony will never do that. You will always need to put the disk in, unless you buy from the PSN.

Dee_912682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Better web browser at the top of my list

I have a phone for Cross game VOICE chat

but if its that serious i can use cross game text chat
or just message

Threesix2682d ago

The people who keep saying they don't want Cross Game Chat have not tried it because if they had, they'd be clamoring for it as much as any level headed PS3 owner who knows it makes sense to at least offer a feature that your competition has. (or they don't have any friends to talk to) They're also probably the same people who would turn around and start saying "Ha ha ha ha ha! Screw you Xbox!" if it became a PS3 feature.

MaxXAttaxX2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

- Except for an even better web browser. That'd be cool.

- Several games already have optional install.

- You can already access Facebook through the PS3's web browser:
Plus it has Trophy and PS Store integration.

- "Cross Game Chat" is already possible. Cross game VOICE chat is another thing. Also not a necessity whatsoever.

But I'm sure these will be made out to be more than they are by "other" people who want to justify their "other" service by trying to make it sound like we, PSN users, are having it bad.

rockleex2682d ago


I don't need Cross Game Chat because the only people I need to chat with are usually within the game I'm playing.

If they're not, I'd rather focus on playing the game to my fullest potential instead of dividing my attention just to hear about how Eric messed up his transmission or whatever.

If I really need to talk to some friends who aren't in the game I'm playing at the moment, I can just use the Cross Game Text Chat or message them. I'm in no hurry.

If they or I am really in a hurry, then one of us would just call the other one up to talk about whatever issue came up.

srgssgtmatt2682d ago

for those who believe that they don't need cross game chat, they have never played xbox before... For those who still playing GT5 doing a 20 lap race may want to talk to someone who is playing cod, or something else to keep them entertain.

Trust me boys you want cross game chat, I'm tired of playing by myself while my buddy is playing fifa and I am playing nhl.

MaxXAttaxX2682d ago

I have played on Xbox. Never used it.
I tried it before, and having someone talk to me about other stuff felt interrupting to my gameplay. Chatting with someone is works best when you're playing the same game.
I don't miss it.

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LOGICWINS2683d ago

That automatic download thing for only PS Plus users should be a feature that ALL PS3 owners can take advantage of.

-Alpha2683d ago

I disagree. Sony should treat Plus members better. They should get what they pay for, and that is a better service with more features.

If I get it for free, it diminishes my reason to get Plus. It's a better strategy for Sony to keep it Plus-exclusive

LOGICWINS2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

"I disagree. Sony should treat Plus members better."

Exclusive discounts and offers, free trials, free PSN games and PS One Classics, early access to certain content, Qore, exclusive access to betas...with or without the automatic download feature, Plus members ARE getting treated better.

I consider automatic downloads to be a basic enough feature that should be included in the basic PSN package.

"Sony should treat Plus members better. They should get what they pay for, and that is a better service with more features."

Okay, so how would you like it if Sony treated PSN Plus members "better" by giving them exclusive access to cross game chat? You realize that would mean that all your friends would HAVE to have PSN Plus in order for you to to use x-game chat with them.

Thus breaking up the community.

Nitrowolf22683d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

well he was talking about automatic download in general.

Cross game chat exclusivity to PS+. That is a bad idea in my opinion. Yes this will get many new subscribers but like you said it is going to separate the community and plus some of my buddies may never even buy plus and i love chatting with them. I think features that involve other online users in order for it to be useful should remain free. Cloud storage, Automatic download those two are things that individuals can benifit from and don't require other users to use.

@Aplha Below

oooooohhhh that makes sense. Didn't think of it like that. So what your saying is that PS+ member are the only ones who would be able to initiate it, even if the other person is ingame nd they don't have plus they can still join if your a plus member. That would actually work. May not be availble to all users but Plus member can use it on anyone

LOGICWINS2683d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


"And I think the reason why we are getting features is because Plus members pay to fund Sony. It doesn't send a good message if features were for everybody."

Yeah, I can agree with that. If I'm paying $50 a year for a service, I'd want to get my moneys worth as well.

I just think some of the things that that Sony gives to PS Plus users exclusively make more sense to give to ALL PS3 owners.

Aside from cross game chat. I also think Qore should be free for all PSN users as well. I mean, why is Sony charging people money for programming that advertises Sony's OWN games. It makes NO sense to me? Considering we are in an era in which multiplatform games(the Call of Duty's and GTAs) dominate the market, ud think Sony would take every opportunity to market their exclusive library.

-Alpha2683d ago

Cross Chat exclusively for Plus wouldn't work, but limited Cross Chat for non-Plus members would. So, I still stand by statement that Plus members should get the exclusive features

I remember reading something about Cross Chat needing a Plus member to initiate the chat.

And I think the reason why we are getting features is because Plus members pay to fund Sony. It doesn't send a good message if features were for everybody.

TheBlackSmoke2682d ago

Have to disagree, sure automatic downloads is a useful feature but it is definitely NOT the reason why people shell out for PS+ when they press buy.

PS+ is sony's glorified coupon book and it is for this reason that people want it, just like 360 users who pay for live because they want to play online as top priority over any other additional feature.

TKCMuzzer2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

People do realise that these features cost Sony money. Server space, automatic downloads etc all come at a price for Sony. You can't tell me you think it's free for them to send information to your PS3 on a regular basis.
It's the same as cloud storage. It costs Sony money to host it so it's only fair they get something back. At least I can see where my £40 goes, unlike Microsoft who hide it all under a vale of advertising (yes, I question my live subscription)

2682d ago
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callahan092683d ago

It's a good list, but the only one that really interests me is number 3: PlayStation Move friendly UI.

I never use cross-game chat on my 360, it just doesn't interest me. In fact, I kind of belong to the group that thinks it's a detriment to online gaming. It's really difficult to get into a good team match with people who communicate through headsets just via matchmaking. Everybody else seems to be in some kind of party chat, so they're not in the public channel. So if I happen to be playing with friends, we just play in the public channel anyway. And if I'm not playing multiplayer in a game, I don't want to be talking to somebody while I play single-player because I like to focus on my game. So I never use that feature, and I wouldn't use it on PS3.

Universal invitations aren't a big deal for me either. Whenever someone wants to play a game that I'm not playing, or vice versa, we just send a PM with the game title in it. If I or they agree to play, then we'll pop in the game and then we can join up with them.

I have an original PS3 with backwards compatibility, so #4 isn't important to me. It would be nice if all consoles had that backwards compatibility though.

Improved web browser would probably be nice, but I just use my PC so I wouldn't use it.

But definitely #3. The XMB is not at all user-friendly with the Move. I would love it if they had a second version of the UI that you could flip to if you were using a Move. Would make life so much easier.

Brosy2683d ago

PSN is free so no one has a right to bitch about features the PS3 lacks. Maybe if they charged say $5 a month and added cross game voice, party chat, and custom soundtracks? Surely for $5 a month Sony could accomplish this.

Aarix2682d ago

hhhhmmmm..... $5 a month for all those features. I believe those are what PS3 fanboys hate. Espescially the way they trash XBL.

Anon19742682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I saw this article and thought "this should be good"
I was right. There was only one of those points I felt the PS3 could use and that was automatic trophy sync. Not a one of these are "desperately needs"

Cross game chat - don't want it. Would never use it. Never used it on my 360. Why would I ever want to "chat" when someone is playing a different game. It's frankly rude.

Universal invites - ??? What? I can invite friends into games now. What the hell is this about?

Move friendly XMB - suck it up. How is this a " need"?

PS2 BC - Dead horse. Stop beating it. My PS3 plays PS2 games just fine. If you wanted one, you should have bought one.

Improved web browser - There's nothing wrong with existing browser. Again - suck it up, buttercup.

Facebook - It's got a web browser. Login to facebook, genius.

Gmail - See above. Plus there's a messaging system. Again, I don't see how this is a "desperately needs"

Name change - yeah, so you can piss people off and then just switch names. Try again.

What a terrible list. Just for once I'd like to see a list of wanted features that isn't simply an opportunity to bitch about nothing. One point was actually legitimate, although hardly "desperately needed".

Try again.

dredgewalker2682d ago

I agree with everything you said except for the browser, cause I really find it slow for my needs. If they can acquire Chrome for the PS3 then I'm gonna be a real happy owner. The pc's in our house are used frequently and sometimes I'm left with the PS3.

Pillville2682d ago

Cross game chat -
just because you don't want it, doesn't mean millions of other don't. This is the main feature xbox users miss when they use a PS3.

Improved web browser "There's nothing wrong with existing browser". -
Yes there is, a whole lot of web sites don't work on it. It hasn't been updated in a LONG time, and for a web browser, that's a major concern.

Facebook - "It's got a web browser. Login to facebook, genius."
See above.

Name change - "yeah, so you can piss people off and then just switch names"
I created my account name before I realized it would be seen by countless people in online matches. I would REALLY like to change it. It actually keeps me from playing online more. It's an option on the xbox, and it doesn't cause problems, and if people aren't abusing it on kid-filled Live, I'm certain they won't on PSN.

And for someone who keeps saying "Suck it up" and "How is this a need?", agreeing with the auto trophy sync is laughable.

Elwenil2682d ago

I have yet to talk to anyone on PS3 comms or anywhere that wants cross-game chat. Everyone I talk to says they either don't care or that it would be just another way for idiots to cheat. The only place I have heard of PS3 owners claiming they want CGC is here on N4G which makes me a bit suspicious. We don't need it, we don't want it and it would ruin a lot of our teamwork based games.

FACTUAL evidence2682d ago

This is what the ps3 desperately needs.

PSN ID change feature
Voice messaging
Custom soundtracks for all games
XMB game invites(I know this is possible log into ps home..)

There's more but I don't feel like typing for 10 minutes.

Keith Olbermann2682d ago

It doesnt desperately need anything more. It would be nice to have more features but the PS3 has more than 360 or Wii.

Persistantthug2682d ago

Why in the hell do I want to talk to people I'm not playing? Hell, PS3 users really don't do that much chatting anyways. Would be near useless.

I'll tell you what we could use....we could use a VOICE MESSAGING system....that would be nice.

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Nitrowolf22683d ago

It also needs to standardize these features:
In-game Music
In-game Screen Capture

I feel that Sony really added these for nothing if the majority of third party devs don't even take implement them into their games. I like the idea of taking ingame screen cap. Course i would like Youtube recording to be mandatory but that one can cause issues later with rendering as GT5 devs stated.

-Alpha2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I agree, they need to enforce these things.

At first trophies were optional, then they made it mandatory. Can't see why they can't do the same for the rest of these features.

But they can't even get all their First Party games to do this, so I don't expect third parties to follow.

DarkTower8052683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I don't know alot about the PS3 architecture, but I assume that in game music will take up RAM. If you force a dev to implement a feature, it could affect the game in a bad way. Dedicating RAM to an in game music option might mean that the graphics or physics might suffer.

Like I said, I don't know about the PS3 architecture or programming, but usually when you add one thing, something else suffers.

EDIT: In games like Killzone 3 or Uncharted 2 (soon to be 3), the devs claim to use 100% of the PS3's resources. Where would be the room for x-game chat or in-game music? I would rather not put restrictions on a dev.

-Alpha2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Well I was going to make a huge list but I'll just blog it instead.

That said, I wouldn't call any of these desperate, but it surely would bring PSN into a better light. Compared to Steam and LIVE, PSN just lacks a little bit of polish and I feel Sony is a little slow in bringing PSN forward with some simple things. Can't complain as a free service, but that doesn't change the fact that compared to XBL and Steam, there are some things lacking that would make PSN look like a more established/enriching service.

What I like is that Sony is now beginning, with the support of Plus members, to get their own unique features like cloud storage. That's exactly the step Plus needs to take for PSN.

As for Cross Chat, it's a great feature. Communicating so easily with friends cuts down the time it takes to send messages and keeps you in your game instead of taking you out of the experience. I also like sending voice messages, they are natural evolutions of sending text messages and having chat rooms, which is something I do often to communicate. Cross Chat makes that whole process easier

Nitrowolf22683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I think sony just needs a easy ingame XMB. IDK maybe this would be difficult for them considering it would be shifting to something new once it's in game. Not sure, but i hope they do because i don't need to use so many of the dam icons when i am ingame.

Pretyy much all we need is:
Friend Tab:
Game Tab: (No gamesave or minisaves)
Settings: (include Mic, Internet option and other setting available while ingame)

i don't see the point of having the video Tab or the picture Tab. Of course though when the options are there they are useful (ingame screen cap and recording), but Sony could easily cram those option somewhere else when your ingame

I think a lot of this can be done through APPS. If it has to do with anything with violating patents then i think using apps would be a loop hole to them, since apps been doing this for years (multitasking).

I was even hoping quicity was gonna be used ingame

dragon822682d ago

They could even do like in HOME and pull up a mini PSP like screen when you hit the PS button in game.

Static-X2683d ago

Good post. I don't understand when people slate Cross-Game Chat since it would be a optional feature. Sony should just implement Skype (like the PSP)

Jac5al2683d ago

Sony needs to focus on improving PSN this year. Hopefully we get a firmware update with most, or all of these features by E3. Somebody needs to kidnap Sony's firmware team and torture them until they implement these features :)

rajman2683d ago

Alot of their updates has mainly been to prevent hacking (although the hackers still kept hacking every new update), they havent even updated the browser since launch, hate going on it and having to watch Youtube with the 2007 240p quality. Hope they can focus more on what us users want, rather than putting most of their time on a never ending war against hackers.