IGN: The Tail of Mario's Raccoon Suit

A simple, subtle silhouette is all it took to get IGN hyped for the upcoming Super Mario 3DS. The reason? The tail. Read its tale right here.

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banjadude2350d ago

Ahhh.. the infamous Tanooki Suit. What's there not to love about this power up? XD

multipayer2350d ago

I'd love to see some stealth in a 3D mario game, turning to stone didn't really do much in 2D.

banjadude2350d ago

Yeah, I can see stealth being a worthy addition to the suit's power.

noxeven2350d ago

i smell remake of super mario 3 with 3d lesigh

MonopolyRSV2350d ago

As soon as Super Mario World was released, the tail became obsolete. The cape + Yoshi combo will always be supreme.

InfamousHero2350d ago

I just beat Super Mario 3 two days ago for the first time in my life. That game got pretty difficult towards the end but the last bowser fight is possibly the easiest boss in the game.