Socom 4 Dev Travis Steiner Pax East Interview

Socom 4 Dev Travis Steiner Pax East Interview

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JAMurida2409d ago

Despite all that's going around this game and what not, I still have faith in it. Of all the game devs I play games from there has only been a VERY few that have never, IMO, made a game that I would say was "bad". I can't think of them atm, but Level 5 and Zipper are easily on that list, (and funny yet sad thing about it is that they are the under the radar devs of the industry).

But every game Zipper has made, I've loved and was addicted to. From SOCOM 1 to MAG. So I'll hold judgment until SOCOM 4 comes out.


I'm also trying and holding my judgement 'till I had at least played the beta, but it's getting harder as the clock is ticking, practically only a month left, they are only now releasing the "beta" (more like a glorified demo, one that not just costed money to many but also is coming so close to release that hardly can help fix anything as you would expect from a beta).

I do have hope Zipper will deliver, that they know what they are doing and the game still appeal to me but with so many bad decisions (late beta, no central point in reticle, no pistols) and so many changes no one asked for (XP system, cover, removing guns hot, removing lean, push to talk that require your thumb, 2 main guns, removing classic modes and rules...) my hope is decreasing every single day.

macky3012409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I have full faith in Zipper,.. They haven't made a game that is not fun,... Ever,.. Socom4 will fucking rule my life,...