PC Gamer: Red Orchestra 2 Preview - Barrel-Swapping Heroics

One inexplicably exciting detail shown for the first time was barrel swapping. Another was RO2’s nuanced and exciting progression system, which, happily, will be much more organic than how you rank up in games like Call of Duty.

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Johandevries2626d ago

My most anticipated game of 2011!

BeastlyRig2625d ago

Bf3,Red Orchestra 2 & Tf2 what else does a PC gamer need this year?

answer: Nothing!!

hassi942625d ago

Never played the first and I'm usually into more casual shooters like Battlefield, TF2, CoD but this is really interesting me. Hope to see a demo and great reviews and then I may have to pick this up!

Psychotica2620d ago

I wish they would announce a release date...