Dragon Age 2 – Review : PlayStation Unlimited

Joe Tkacz Writes: Both ambitious and monotonous, Dragon Age 2 finds itself weighed down by unfortunate design choices that force players into hundreds of tedious side-quests. These aforementioned quests, while certainly rewarding, come at the expense of sheer boredom. Senseless backtracking, horrendous pacing, and shockingly weak character development aside, particularly for a Bioware title, Dragon Age 2 still manages to offer up some deep and customizable gameplay should one be willing to deal with its many missteps.

Players can customize which attacks they learn, which of your party members you control in battle, and which abilities they would prefer using. It’s a fairly deep system that, sadly, doesn’t need to be so. During the majority of my time, simply mashing the standard X button attack was more than efficient so long as I had kept my weapons and armor up to snuff. This fatal flaw takes much of the excitement out of what could have been epic battles, turning Dragon Age 2 into more of a role-playing brawler than a full-fledged adventure game. Even still, switching up attacks during encounters certainly eases some of the game’s repetitive nature.

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