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Stephen Kelley "When all other companies were content with 32 bit processors in their gaming systems, Nintendo had the balls to try to up the ante and release the first “true” 64-bit gaming console. Using high capacity cartridges and better graphics, some Nintendo 64 games made their Playstation counterparts look pretty rough. The system did have its problems, like many do, but was able to keep a huge loyal fan base in pretty much all territories. Sadly, the use of cartridges over disk media was one factor that led to Nintendo losing a lot of third party support, a sad trend that continues to this very day."

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ssdninja2652d ago

Archives, rockets, big head mode.

fuck yes.

2652d ago
Istanbull2652d ago

What a boring list, everybody knows those games, I hoped they atleast put some of those hidden rare N64 gems.

BeardedGamerShow2652d ago

Ocarina of Time is #1. No surprise there since it's far and away the best Zelda game of all time.

bmw692652d ago

Only one missing for me is F-Zero X - I loved that game!

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