VGRevolution| The Darkness 2 Hands-On Preview

There was a demo of The Darkness II available for play at PAX East this year and I had the wonderful opportunity to get my hands on all of its gory glory. The demo showcased the beginning of the game in a pre-alpha build.

At the start of the demo you are placed in the shoes of a familiar face from the original Darkness game, Jackie Estacado. Throughout the demo you never leave the first person perspective, even during cut scenes the player has complete control over the movement of Jackie’s head so you can scope out the surrounding areas. When I finally got my hands on a controller I found myself groggy in a small, dark room. Two other characters are in the room with Jackie, one is a deformed man whose body looks as if it had been burned severely from head to toe. The other character was also male but without the deformities of what you learn is his ally. This character however at the start of the demo is literally crucifying Jackie to a board with railroad spikes. When I turned my head to the left and watched the man slamming a railroad spike through the palm of my hand with a hammer, I knew this was going to be a wild ride.

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