Top 10 Games That Need A Remake

Koku writes: "Games often get prequels and sequels on the same console that it came out on. Most of them get prequels and sequels on other systems. For example, Metal Gear Solid was released for the PS1 in 1998. It wasn’t until 2004 that MGS got a remake, except that it was on the GameCube. But, it’s things like remakes that make me think and wonder why other games from the past that were incredibly awesome don’t get the attention they truly deserve. Seriously. Why game companies don’t realize the potential is beyond me. Today, I will be outlining a list of ten games that, in my opinion, are in dire need of a remake for next generation consoles. So without further ramblings, here is my Top 10 Games That Need A Remake!"

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bmw692538d ago

Chrono Trigger - my favourite game on SNES...

Cinotix2538d ago

I think it's over rated. Who wouldn't want another Metal Gear Solid gamer huh huh!

Ziriux2538d ago

It's over rated but it's very good.

jeseth2538d ago

Games that need a remake :

1) River City Ransom (NES)
2) Star Wars Trilogy (SNES)
3) Kid Chameleon (Genesis)
4) Dragon Warrior (NES)
5) MediEvil (PSone)
6) FF7 and FF8 (PSone)
7) Resident Evil (PSone)
8) Battletoads (NES)
9) FZero (SNES)

and who can forget ...

10) RC Pro AM

Ziriux2538d ago

My all time favorite game series. MGS 4 was amazing.

CaptainGreece2538d ago

Metal Gear with sexy high def Sniper Wolf. Now she was a hot vixen.

solidsnake2222538d ago

My favorite was MGS1, they're all amazing though!

shuuwai2538d ago

Here's my list
1. Chrono Trigger in HD
2. Double Dragon
3. River City Ransom
4. Grandia
5. Skies of Arcadia
6. Bad Dudes
7. Jet Grind Radio
8. Robocop
9. Crazy Taxi
10. Streets of Rage
11. Metal Gear on the NES to HD on xbox/ps3

cb8102538d ago

Raiders of the Lost Arc!

Ziriux2538d ago

What the hell is that?

knifefight2538d ago

It might be a feeling similar to a musician who really puts his heart in a new album but fans just keep cheering for him to play that one first big hit from 10 years ago, every night. You kinda get sick of it. Entertainers are people too. *Shrug*

I'm no rock star, game developer, or Rockstar Games developer though so I could easily be wrong of course.

ScubaSteve12538d ago

legend of dragoon deserves a remake

final fantasy 7 deserves a remake

chrono trigger deserves a remake

i say bubsy deserves a remake

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