PAX East 2011: Greatest Kinect Player

We saw a lot of people play Kinect this year at PAX East. This guy certainly beats everyone else we saw. Ever see someone play Kinect in a suit? Well, this guy is the first we’ve seen. Hands down, this is HBG’s Greatest Kinect Player of PAX East 2011.

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SexCells2532d ago

It takes a REAL man to dance while wearing a suit. Bravo, sir.

Neko_Mega2532d ago

Girls in the background "LOSER!!", "PLEASE DAD JUST STOP".

Yeah but it is funny as heck.

GuruStarr782532d ago

"greatest kinect player".......thats like "the smartest kid in the a class of morons".....jk....I'v e got kinect too....'cept I havent used it since launch day.

DelbertGrady2532d ago

Buying a Kinect and just using it for 1 day doesn't seem too bright either.

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