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The Sony Xperia Play costs how much?!?

"First official reports of the pricing of Sony’s Xperia Play(Playstation Phone) have been unveiled via Sony Ericsson’s Spanish retailers" and you won't believe how much it is!" -The Game Fanatics (Next-Gen, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Tech, Xperia Play)

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VonAlbrecht  +   1669d ago
Well, that puts me and just about anyone else with a brain in the average tax bracket, out of the running.
BakedGoods  +   1669d ago
That's close to a 32GB iPhone 4 without a contract. I don't see what the big deal is. You guys do understand most people get phones with contracts at like $99-$199.
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Spitfire_Riggz  +   1669d ago
LOL well i guess ill be getting that 50 dollar (with contract) iphone with at and t
LoVeRSaMa  +   1668d ago
I have a PSP already and this thing has PSP GFX, I don't need.

I am scared for the price of the NGP with this thing at that price..

Might just stick to my PS3 xD
gaffyh  +   1668d ago
I doubt it would be $900, it will most likely be something like $699. Still, everyone buys these phones on contract, which makes price almost meaningless.
VonAlbrecht  +   1669d ago
And what incredible new features does the Play have to warrant the price tag? The iPhone 4 came with dozens of improvements over the previous model whereas the Play is just standard fare, especially in the hardware department.
silvacrest  +   1669d ago
what dozens of improvements are you talking about?

i count a better screen, better camera, better processor/gpu......what else? the design is a personal thing

the xperia play is something genuinely new and not a successor to anything so why your comparing it to a device that has had 3 different variations over a number of years, i dont no
VonAlbrecht  +   1669d ago
I don't even own an iPhone 4, but those features alone you listed are enough of an example if you look at what the Play is bringing to the table. A controller.

It's not genuinely new at all. It's a regular Android phone with a controller. I already have a phone, and I already have a PSP. Late to the game, Sony is today.
callahan09  +   1669d ago
About standard price for an iPhone 4 when it launched, too.
kneon  +   1669d ago
Yup, it's yet another article written by some clueless author who must normally get the bottom of the line $0 phone with a 2 year contract.

The Play is priced about the same as every other high end unlocked smart phone.

When the N95 launched it was $1300 is the US unlocked.
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plb  +   1669d ago
Love Sony but not at that price.
Nizzy79  +   1669d ago
$900 without a contract? oh... $900 without a contract, now i want one!
VonAlbrecht  +   1669d ago
The iPhone 4 was roughly $600 on launch. You're basically paying $300 for arcane hardware and a controller.
callahan09  +   1669d ago
The iPhone 4 was the same price in the EU when it launched. You can't compare the US price to the USD-converted EU price.
Stevo91  +   1669d ago
Fuck that lol
jaosobno  +   1669d ago
Don't people usually sign contracts when buying these kind of phones?

The price of iphone4 32GB without contract was 700$.

Attractive phones always come with insane prices just so mobile operators could force ppl into signing contracts, so xperia being expensive is nothing new.
Biggest  +   1669d ago
I thought we already went through the belly-aching over the phone's price. Fast forward to three weeks ago I guess.
FailOverHero  +   1669d ago
Fast FORWARD to 3 weeks AGO?? *sigh*
Biggest  +   1669d ago
Obviously you don't get it. I am being sarcastic with the fact that people are rediscovering news from three weeks ago as if it were new. Since time didn't stop or go backward... Know what? Nevermind. It should have been clear without an explanation. *sigh*
Anderson8  +   1669d ago
..if it was clear without an explanation.. you wouldn't be explaining it
Black_McGrath  +   1669d ago
Back to the future?
Biggest  +   1669d ago
FailOverHero says: BACK to the FUTURE??*sigh*
user858621  +   1669d ago
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooool wtf! only dumb people buy phones at prices like that
jay2  +   1669d ago
Ouch, PS3 was a bit expensive due to it's hardware, but that's terrible. If we'd got a dual core CPU and the specsa of the Arc then yeah but this? Might go for an LG Optics x2 or whatever it's called with the Tegra 2 and dual core chips.
silvacrest  +   1669d ago
or just get it on contract for $200 on a 2 year contract like EVERY OTHER PHONE that costs silly money

people are crying over the price but which one of you bought a new high end phone with no contract, unlocked on launch day?
shadow2797  +   1669d ago
Before everyone gets in a tiff over this, please remember that Europe always gets shafted, regardless of exchange rates. You wouldn't believe how much a launch PS3 cost over there.

Odds are, it'll probably launch at $650 USD without a contract in America. Which is still expensive, but not completely unreasonable.
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hellzsupernova  +   1669d ago
yeah exactly. especially here in NZ we get seriously shafted
sjaakiejj  +   1669d ago
600 euros won't translate to 900 dollars. It'll translate to 600 dollars.

On that note, that's not a surprising price for a phone.
b163o1  +   1669d ago
Ahhhh that's wrong, the Euro is worth more then a US dollar :)
Tenkin  +   1669d ago
No he's roughly right in europe there is 20% to 15% added on for VAT so thats around $700 still pretty expensive
DrHouse  +   1669d ago
I agree, besides all sony is still making the developers work on all Android devices, so any android phones is good.
fucadastates  +   1669d ago
well. in denmark a ps3 costs 2200kr (måske 2000 hvis man er heldig) thats 410 USD... in the us its 299..
well in denmark the xperia play (whitout contract) is 4500kr thats 840.. so if, like with everything else (mac, iphone, tv, cars and so on) it will cost less than the danish price (840USD)... or denmark will for once have somthing that cost less than in the states.
FFXII  +   1669d ago
LNDCalling  +   1669d ago
Well there you go..


an iPhone 4 @ USD 1,700 (GBP £1,072.49) as of today.. I don't understand Mobile prices and I, and the majority, wouldn't pay those prices.. We get contracts!

Anyhow.. having Googled (Shopping) prices you only have to see the first page, and in the UK at least, prices for the XPERIA Play (SIM Free) are lower than iPhone 4! i.e around GBP490
LNDCalling  +   1668d ago
Touche.. LMFAO :D Well it was an extreme example I'll grant you! :) But I think we all know that modern 'smart' phones and other tech devices are way over priced.. So all I mean is I am not supprised at the Xperia Play pricing! :)
Stevo91  +   1669d ago
just simply go into the apple shop and get it for £510 why wud u even look at it if its over £1000 :/
silvacrest  +   1669d ago
the iphone 4 came out 9 months ago, why dont you compare like for like? i doubt it cost anything close to that on launch with no contract and unlocked

@Stevo91, it still cost that much 9 months later? i know your getting it direct from apple but why pay a premium just for that
killajd  +   1669d ago
Now remember that nothing is OFFICIAL!!! At a 900 dollar price point it wont move at all :(
littlebigmarcpsps3  +   1669d ago
what now
blackburn5  +   1669d ago
*holds head*. Is this even correct? Wasn't there an article saying you can preorder it for 599 euros not to long ago?
thegamefanatics  +   1669d ago
Might help if you actually read the article. It's €649 in Spain, and of course pre-ordering on Amazon gets you a discount.
slavish3  +   1669d ago
i got a feeling this phone will fail or not have a impact
silvacrest  +   1669d ago
i doubt that
the phone will be $200 on a two year contract like every other phone in the USA

you can already preorder it for less the £499 http://www.clove.co.uk/sony... and even get it free on contract in the UK

these articles always look for the most expensive place or just use one example or dont even take into account that currency conversions are rarelywhat the consumer will pay
sashimi  +   1669d ago
People who think the Xperia Play is expensive must either be dumb/trolls/people who have no idea about smartphone plans at all.

Majority of the newer smartphones are priced similarly without CONTRACT. With contract the price would drop pretty drastically. Retards or trolls whichever these people want to be called since the author is clearly one and so are those who agree with him.
fanatical_g  +   1669d ago
Please show me a $900 smartphone.
sashimi  +   1669d ago
The Xperia Play doesn't cost $900 dollars cause unless it is the confirmed price for the US which it is not!. Price varies from country to country depending on import taxes! love how people ignore that.

Also the fact that the dollar is weak as hell so comparing it to the euro doesn't mean much which is exactly what people are doing, once again i will laugh at people when the Xperia Play actually gets a price tag for NA.

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thegamefanatics  +   1668d ago
@sashimi it says so in the article, we did not ignore anything.
PLAYER5095  +   1669d ago
the hell with the play i want the arc here in the states! anyone know when this will be released here? UK is for april but no word yet on us! im due for new contract on may so it would be nice if it released soon.
AntiHeroComplex  +   1669d ago
and no one noticed that the article says phone's release date will be April 1st?

Carry on then gentlemen...
fanatical_g  +   1669d ago
learn to read before you come to spew your putrid stupidity. Retailers in Spain will be selling the phone on April 1st. It goes on sale in other parts of the UK the day before.

"The phone hits their stores on April 1st"..."Spanish retailers".
AntiHeroComplex  +   1669d ago
defensive much? An honest mistake, and all you can do is come back screaming about my "putrid stupidity" ? Here is an idea: calm the fuck down bro.
a_adji  +   1669d ago
Why are online journalists in gaming so stupid and comparing mobile phones to game consoles? It's a mobile phone and without a contract that would be tue right price regardless of manufacturer . We have a lot going on with with consoles so why are we begging for mobile phones also? Gaming on tablets, mobile etc are not the same and at times uncomfortable when playing FPS's etc unless you play something like snakes, tetris or Angry Bird etc. This whole comaprisons of iPad, Facebook, mobile phone gaming is getting annoying
thegamefanatics  +   1668d ago
No one is comparing mobile gaming to game consoles.
ArronC07  +   1668d ago
Don't get your knickers in a twist, we always pay more for electrical items here, the PS3 is €299 which is $420.

Also prices include sales tax and of course as we all now that price quoted is for a phone without a contract and when compared to other phones is quite competitive.

NeloAnjelo  +   1668d ago
Ummm... most smart phones are retailed at similar prices sim free. Hence the contract. 12 months at £35 = £420, plus £99 for the phone. Or a two year contract, with less or no upfront payment. This is standard. My 3GS was bought on a 2 year with a £70 deposit.

This article makes a big deal over nothing that isn't standard.
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kuroukage  +   1667d ago
Their slogan should be: "Sony, our products are for the rich. (Disclaimer: Until 5 years later and then we'll finally lower the price enough so you poor motherfer's can get a chance to buy one coz that's how we roll, bitches!)

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