Keith Boesky Crunches the Revenue Figures for Halo 3--and Explains Why Hollywood Should Keep Its Distance

Videogames are in the mainstream news again. Thankfully, this time the coverage is positive. Keith Boesky looks at Halo 3 revenue, and why Hollywood may want to hold off on jumping on the Halo 3 wagon.

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mighty_douche4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

this site has become more focussed on numbers... sales figures, profit margins.... blah blah blah

weither it sells 50,000 or 50,000,000 it makes NO difference to us, the players. high sales doesnt mean high quality, just good marketing.

Hollywood will defo try and cash in on halo, its a save bet, and lately with the high production costs of movies the producers only go for safe bets.... remake after remake for example.

mirroredderorrim4061d ago

I like Halo. But to say Hollywood can't touch Halo. Come on.

1 movie costs about 8 bucks to see. 1 Halo costs 50 bucks or so to buy.
I'm not impressed by videogame sales vs. movie sales since more people have to go and see a movie to match game sales, in terms of Halo 3 of course.

All in all, Halo has nothing on the movie business. The only thing you have to cry about is a bad movie at the end, after you walk out, or soldout cinemas.

For a videogame, Halo 3 is most impressive. To compare it to the movie business..the thought almost makes me want to rofl into oblivion.

Syko4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Clearly you don't buy Popcorn, Gummi Bears and a Drink. After you add that in it's about $50 too.

... And yes, I know it doesn't affect the profits for the movie. before a wiseguy comes in and says something. =)

mirroredderorrim4061d ago

I just want you to know I didn't disagree with you.

About popcorn and whatnot, no I don't usually buy food in the theaters. 1 large soda is about 4-7 bucks. with that much money I could go to the market and pick up a case of soda.

What I did last time I went to the theater ( saw Halloween ) I picked up a pizzapie cut it up, put it in this neat little container, brought two nice sports bottles filled with drink ( beer ) and walked into the theater.

This is the AMC 30 by the way. (getting back on topic)
Halo 3 shows us what a game is capable of, but the game industry needs a little more time before they can crush Blockbuster movies.

bootsielon4061d ago

It's a lot easier to do it on the amount of revenue side. Gamers just spend a lot of money. That doesn't mean a lot of people actually know who Master chief is. Definitely not as many as who Spider-man is.