Achievement Unlocked: Xbox Live Labs

Host advantage. Laggy server. No hitmarkers. Red bar. Xbox Live is far from perfect, especially when it comes to matchmaking and online lag. Microsoft may finally be doing something about it with the new voluntary testing program Xbox Labs

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B1663r2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Article has factual errors.

The first reward is the mad scientist glasses. The second reward is the lab coat, and the third reward os the crazy hair.

Also, article perpetuates the myth that the Xbox services do not have dedicated servers. It depends on the game.

If you are going to write hit pieces on the xbox, pleaase at least minimally research your article please.

Shroom2353d ago

Actually, the rewards were listed correctly in the article. At least for me they were. The glasses came with the hair for me.

ClaireJeepChick2353d ago

Mine also came in that order.

guigsy2353d ago

"Host advantage. Laggy server. No hitmarkers. Red bar."

It's like this guy has played COD and nothing else, and all those issues are mainly the fault of COD, not XBL.

ClaireJeepChick2353d ago

COD - BFBC - Gears - Basically everything but Halo. lol

Active Reload2353d ago

What Halo? Halo 3-Reach has lag...