8 Minutes of Star Wars: The Old Republic Footage

Here's a nice eight-minute chunk of gameplay footage of Star Wars: The Old Republic taken via shaky cam methods at last weekend's PAX show.

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Toman852565d ago

Nice gameplay, you gotta love Star Wars
Must buy this when it come out!! Im not that MMO fan but I will give this one a good try :)

Spinal2565d ago

If you don't like MMO's you certainly wont like SWTOR, its going to have the same formula as other MMO's.

I love MMO's still playing WOW, so im gonna love SWTOR. And Guild Wars 2.

andreasx2565d ago

instead making this game they could be working on a HD remake of KOTOR, THAT would be awesome!!!!

distorted_reality2565d ago

I'd much rather they be making something new than remaking something old....

waltyftm2565d ago

Big fan of Kotor 1 amd 2 but was left a bit dissapointed in that.