Gamers unite for Japan Appeals!

Guys please support the appeals links and information can be found on this post.

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Warprincess1162594d ago

lol i bet the people who donated to that loser Geohot won't even think about donating to this.

mattfong2594d ago

I really hope your wrong! I posted this to spread awareness ... lets do our best to help. People are dying and suffering. This is *NO* laughing matter.

mattfong2594d ago

Yes I have donated, I went through the Red Cross site which Games Aid also recommend.

mattfong2594d ago

And to be honest this is STUPID question ... what is the point? It's about HELPING people ... NOT getting one up on anyone.

So have YOU donated?

radphil2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

matt i think his comment was directed to warprinecess.

Myst2594d ago

Giving as soon as I get money [Wednesday] doing that before I do anything else.

Newtype2594d ago

I donated through Amazon, I hope Japan bounces back. After WWII, they did pretty well.

Vesemir2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Now that's a cause worth helping. Real lives are at stake here. Donate mofos. ;)

CaptainGreece2594d ago

Donate to the Red Cross people need food and water. Japan will recover they are strong and have freinds around the world. This triple disaster earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdowns is the worst things that can possibly happen to any country but I know the Japanese will overcome this challenge.

Tony-Red-Grave2594d ago

here we go again people are getting extra feely and won't stfu im expecting alot more of these comments

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