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thegamingexperience: Overall though; BulletStorm is a fantastic game from beginning to end. Multiplayer does leave something to be desired; I was not playing it for that though. If you want vulgar fun then BulletStorm is the game for you

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gcolley2539d ago

how does something get a perfect score when i am stuck in a glitch and can't progress

xabmol2539d ago

It's probably just a glitch.

bumnut2539d ago

Why a perfect score for such a mediocre game?

Inside_out2539d ago

Deserves the score and more. It's a great start for a new IP. I was surprised it was able to out sell a long running franchise like Killzone 3.

TheGamingExperience2539d ago

I gave it a 5/5 because of the catchy one-liners and tone of the characters. If you would have stripped the vulgarity and one-liners it would easily be 3.5/5