The Worst Video Game Box Art of All Time

GamerHelp wrote an article on "The Greatest Video Game Box Art of All Time" and now it's time for the worst. There is no talking here. Just look at these covers.

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solidt124090d ago

But it looks good for the time it came out.

Bathyj4090d ago

Golden Axe !!! Are you kidding. She's so hot. I used to drool over that picture before I finally got my hands on porn.

And can you stand anymore heroically then that main guy. Its only gay if you're checking him out.

SL1M DADDY4090d ago

Cause I stole the box from my brother. The box art was one of many pictures to help me through puberty. lol Not to mention Kelly Lebrock in her underwear in Weird Science! Ahh yes, the good old years...

Bathyj4090d ago

And dont forget Kelly Le Brock OUT of her underwear in Woman in Red.

sovietsoldier4090d ago

those are not the worst trust me! friday the 13th you cant count anyway cause that was a picture not a drawing!

ItsDubC4090d ago

The worst videogame boxart in my opinion looks like it was drawn by a 3rd-grader:

Covenant4090d ago

It's amazing that Mega Man turned into such a durable series when the original box art was that awful. In fact, the first time I rented it, the box was missing...the rental place just had a generic box that said "Mega Man" on the shelf. Had I seen the original art, there's no way I would have rented it. Looks awful.