Amazon Upgrades Homefront Pre-order Deal

"Homefront is really starting to get some very positive buzz heading into it's release next week...

Pre-order Homefront (PS3/Xbox 360) and get a free $15 Amazon Credit.

After several delays, Homefront is finally set to ship on March 15, 2011."

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Balt 2593d ago

I don't get the gist of the game -- Is it just another online deathmatch shooter? If so, no thanks. Killzone, MAG, COD, HALO, Bad Company, Battlefield and countless many others already turned me off of this genre.

Shackdaddy8362593d ago

It has the scale of a battlefield game with the cash system of counterstrike. I think its pretty cool imo. It has enough to set it apart from the rest of shooters.

2fk2593d ago

homefront is bad to the bone

Headquarters112593d ago

I'm done with the FPS genre. They're all the same, I get bored within a month, sometimes less.

DrHouse2593d ago

Why does this game which will have less sales have a $15 credit? When much larger games like Crysis 2 which will sell more have only a $10 credit?

dillydadally2593d ago

Because due to the high reviews the game has been getting (8.5 - 9.3), it's been getting a lot of buzz. The game comes out tomorrow, so it's only for one day they upped it to $15. Maybe Crysis 2 will do the same?

Anyway, from what I played of the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo, this game will actually be better, at least for me. Initial reviews point to that as well. CVG said the multiplayer was better than Battlefield 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops. That's got me interested.

jdktech20102593d ago

I'll wait and see...all it screams to me is BF and COD mixed (not that well) with drones that could be more annoying than any killstreak in mw2

Has anyone realized that they just have to get enoug hbps and can spam rockets at you? I'll wait and see but I'm gonna get Crysis 2 first because I'm way more interested in the single player and the MP seems a bit unique to me

dillydadally2593d ago

I just preordered mine yesterday from Amazon for a $10 credit! That's sucky! Anyone know if there's a way to upgrade my preorder to the $15?

HammockGames2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

No worries. Amazon automatically upgrades your discount, so long as it applies to the platform you ordered it on. You don't have to do a thing.