Portal 2 - Much more easier than its predecessor

Portal 2 is the follow up to developer Valve’s original mind-numbing Portal adventure. According to Valves Erik Wolpaw the upcoming sequel will be not as difficult as it looks - maybe this idea could bring the game to an franchise for casual gamer - more though the link.

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dangert122687d ago

though im not the best a puzzle games i wish they did't simplfy have made me as smart as i am today learning to read cause pokemon red on the game boy was fun but i did't no what i was doing splinter cell made me understand stealth and how important it is to keep quiet yes these or simple things but games have helped me in problem solving as well i feel good when i finish a problemif its a fun one portal 2 looks great id rather get stuck and work it out rather then no all the answers before the test

Blad3star2687d ago

Bad idea..middle finger up!

Blacktric2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Read the article without jumping to conclusions. The puzzles now involve much more thinking instead of agility. You don't have to act like a monkey on a coffee to be able to get yourself up a ledge. Instead, there'll be puzzle elements which they'll introduce you to, and then you'll be able to solve the puzzles using those elements. If you still want puzzles that involves agility, there'll be challenge DLC's that'll come out after game's release.

Downtown boogey2687d ago

That's good yeah... The timed puzzles weren't too much of a hassle for hardcore gamers surely, but for newcomers they may have proved frustrating. And in the end, Portal isn't about reaction time.

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germandude2687d ago

yeah for beginners of portal is this really a good thing! for others.. i dont know.

Kamikaze1352687d ago

Bethesda dumbs down Dragon Age and now Valve dumbs down Portal....nice.

Raendom2687d ago

Bethesda didn't make Dragon Age /snobbery

lastdual2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Next thing you know Bioware is going to dumb down Elder Scrolls :)

Blad3star2687d ago

What is the point of some people buying a game only to want to reach to the end as quick as possible?

I bought FallOut Vegas about a month ago and I still have not passed it because I explore and do every mission and quest no matter how boring or hard.

earbus2687d ago

Very true i have so many games im playing i like to take in the sights i dont get this its a race to finish ,they prob listen to music in fast forward aswell.Disposable gamers.

wallis2687d ago


Lamarthedancer2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I didn't really find the first one that hard, it had it's puzzling moments but making it easier.....really :(

I usualy like a challenge in games.

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The story is too old to be commented.