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Brink Includes button layouts from your favorite FPS games

No doubt people who pick up Brink mid-May will be a fan of one of the many other FPS games available, and therefore have a prefered button layout. Well, Splash Damage have you covered with a number of different controller schemes that will be familiar from many popular FPS’s. (Brink, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Nightfallen  +   1130d ago
Zone of Killing for me :)
Warprincess116  +   1130d ago
Now all we need is a mutiplayer demo to see if this game is fun.
taokaka13  +   1130d ago
There is a beta in england right now, on the ps3, but you needed to get a copy from the devs to play it.
DaCajun  +   1130d ago
Yea but the best thing about this game that should be standard on every game is that for consoles you can remap any function to whatever button you want, the controls are fully customizable just like for PC. They said they wanted to make sure that anyone could play there game without difficulty especially the physically impaired people that having standard controller layouts in most games make it hard for them to play on consoles. At least these people still care about the fans and listen to us.

I don't know about the rest of you but I hate jumping from one game to the next and have to relearn new controls every time because the devs were to lazy to include something like this on consoles. They said it was difficult to program it for custom controls on consoles but you know what, they did it anyway because they care. They could have been lazy like every other dev and left it out but they didn't.
Nightfallen  +   1130d ago
I'm assuming CoD has a really good control layout. I need to try it on PS3 then, I only played CoD games on PC.
MagicGamer  +   1130d ago
call of duty for me....lol
stlbeast1  +   1130d ago
mines def gonna be the CoD layout
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Legitgamefly  +   1130d ago
Call of duty for me too!
SicK_Scope  +   1130d ago
yes finally a game i can chose my gameing layout CoD for me.
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SicK_Scope  +   1130d ago
If i did not chose the CoD layout i would probally go way back to Solcom.
maawdawg  +   1130d ago
The game also has fully mappable button for button controls, just like a PC game. I played a couple rounds (about 45 minutes total) at PAX and ended up going with Duty Calls because it felt the most comfortable and I am most used to it. I tried Zombie killer but ironsights were push and hold on the right thumbstick for that one making it pretty close to impossible to aim.

I had a blast playing it though, fast paced team shooter. Day 1 buy for me.
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taokaka13  +   1130d ago
spill more beans! :I
maawdawg  +   1129d ago
I went in expecting a lot and came away impressed. I have been following this game for 18 months or more so getting hands on was great. The shooting is tight and the game plays at a faster pace than I expeected. Not Quake fast, but quicker than many modern shooters. The SMART system is as advertised, and I was surprised how natural it felt. The sound is amazing, from vocal callouts right through the weapon sounds. The customization is mindboggling, to the point that I played in it for only a minute or two and figured no matter how long I had to play in the demo I wouldn't be able to check it all. I just moved onto the gameplay ASAP enjoyed the fact that I could spend unholy amounts of time per character I make tweaking everything on them once I have the game.

The game will also bribe the hell out of you with XP to help your team. It finally may be the game to get rid of "lone wolf syndrome". The bots were really impressive as well, taking on objectives, flanking, and using tactics that would normally only be used by humans in other games.
taokaka13  +   1129d ago
You sound very...strange. Like a employee of a certain company that is making a game >>.
maawdawg  +   1129d ago
Don't ask for more info and then criticize it or accuse me of working for the company because I like the game and know some stuff about it. I have been watching this game for about 18 months and got to play the demo twice at PAX. My impressions were positive, just like 95% of the previews done on it to this point.

Next time use google if you want more info, sure as hell the last time I will be answering questions for you about it.
taokaka13  +   1129d ago
sorry i hurt your feelings =[ *hugs you*, its just the way you talk about this game, and the way you even type out what your saying. Sounds very much like PR talk, but anyways thanks for answering my questions and sorry for accusing you of working for splash damage. I will now leave you alone.
Capdastaro  +   1130d ago
Probably CoD for me, just feels natural now.
belal  +   1130d ago
i hope they have legacy control!
metsgaming  +   1130d ago
what ever happened to fully customized control schemes ???
Parasyte  +   1130d ago
Brink has them. Even on the Console versions.
stlbeast1  +   1130d ago
If i didnt do the CoD layout id prob do the Gears layout
anonymous92348  +   1130d ago
Smart move and I like the way they labeled them.
Kon  +   1130d ago
Duty Calls for me
DrHouse  +   1130d ago
Call of Duty layout for me.

Slightly off topic: Do you not find it funny that alot of these posters that choose the COD layout have been known to hate on COD in the past? The fact that they chose the COD layout means that they play COD alot...
BlackKnight  +   1130d ago
Call of duty has a great controller layout. I loved COD4 and think it was the best one. CODWaW was decent and I liked the coop and the zombie mode, but then MW2 came in and is still a bug and unbalanced nightmare, started charging way too much for map packs. I didnt buy any MW2 map packs and I didnt buy blops.

Call of duty can have a good control scheme but still have the past 2 releases be garbage.
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MagicGamer  +   1130d ago
I could work with gears controle config though. Depends on the weapons and action that the game renders.
MagicGamer  +   1130d ago
I know..lol...they know it's popular and so they must include it.
PhilieDeee  +   1130d ago
The Button Configs i think i would love to have Tactical Button Configs for COD 4 - Black Ops Tacticals always been my go-to config
stlbeast1  +   1130d ago
i hope u do put it a CoD cuz id own u all muhahaha
Emilio_Estevez  +   1130d ago
That is a great idea to include all the most popular control schemes.
ActivistBike  +   1130d ago
Damn good job!
Legitgamefly  +   1130d ago
I can smoke some folks with a gears scheme and a snipe
Legitgamefly  +   1130d ago
Actually can do it with a killzone config too.
GodofwarGoty  +   1130d ago
Killzone theme for me =) i will own with it for sure
theonlylolking  +   1130d ago
Why dont they just have it so you can customize it yourself? I could press R3 to shoot but that wont work out well.

I would use killzone or call of duty.
maawdawg  +   1129d ago
They do have fully mappable controls, this is just the list of presets you can choose from besides having the option to assign anything where you like if you want to.
gcolley  +   1130d ago
now THAT is how you make a game. excellent job guys. this should be in every FPS/3PS out there. control layout has a huge impact on gameplay for me. i think Brothers in Arms did this as well
maawdawg  +   1129d ago
Yes it did, as did Borderlands, using a similar naming scheme.

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