PALGN: Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review

Motorstorm: Apocalypse is a highly enjoyable arcade racer let down by poor presentation and a manifest lack of focus on the part of Evolution Studios, who are in danger of losing track of what made the series so appealing in the first place.

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TheGuardianFID2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Bullcrap review!!!

LOGICWINS2500d ago

Since uve CLEARLY played the full version...tell us what the reviewer said that was wrong.

soljah2500d ago

#1 u spend half the review taking about the lousy cut scenes(in your opinion). that u say last 20 sec to 1 min. and deduct pts
#2 the racing u said is great and presentation is great. but u mark down points because they toned down the biggest complaint from fans . THE RUBBER-BANDING AI. wtf
#3 u say that the game is much more assessable to fans but again to you that is a bad thing.
#3 good job on talking about the totally revamped omline multi player. NOT. and the inclusion of 4 player split screen offline and 2 player online split screen.
#4 oh BTW how many racing games out there are pushing 16 player races online except the king of all racers gt5

thanks for your mediocre 7.5 you incompetent hack
sorry for the grammer in advance just typing some off the top thoughts

Boody-Bandit2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Well said

Mustang300C20122500d ago

How do u care this much about a damn review? Seriously!!!

The_Ultimate_Guy2500d ago

@ soljah

GT5 is no longer "king" of the racing genre. You can thank Forza for that.

blackburn52500d ago

I would not concern myself Motorstorm fans. They said a lot of bad things about the second one too.And MS:PR was still the best off-road racers ever. Reviewers have also given MS:A 8s and 9s as well.No need to cling to the 7s like the trolls do.

Objective2500d ago

Motorstorm may have been good fun when it first came out, but with so many great driving games that have been released since, and such variety of them, I'm not surprised the Motorstorm series is struggling to stand out. Still, this game offers much better wreckage than GT5, so fans of crashing should have something to look forward to with this one!