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Troll_Police2597d ago

Looks almost as good as Killzone 3.

Istanbull2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Graphic kings in 2011:

1: Battlefield 3 on Ultra giga mega settings on pc
2: Killzone 3
3: Uncharted 3
4: Crysis 2 on pc
5: Battlefield 3 on ps3

SuperLupe2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Come on man...Crysis 2 on PC looks way ahead of KZ3 or what UC3 will look like. I think even Crysis 1 looks better than KZ3.

KZ3 looks better than KZ2 but lets be honest, its far from being a jump. To me its like the jump from Gears to Gears 2 graphically speaking.

edit: "Battlefield 3 on ps3" what ?

arjman2597d ago

LOL ultra giga mega settings, didn't know that was in the config

Kon2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

3-Crysis 2
4-The Witcher 2

No console games allowed.

And LOL at istanbull putting KZ ahead of Crysis

Pandamobile2597d ago

Crysis 2, RAGE and BF3 are going to be the best looking games this year from a tech standpoint. You can argue art styles til the cows come home, but graphics tech is actually somewhat quantifiable.

SuperLupe2597d ago

You guys forgetting Skyrim on your lists. The graphics in the trailer looked awesome and that was just the 360 version.

STONEY42597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Can we seriously have one article about Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, or PC for that matter, without some fanboy proclaiming Killzone? I'm serious, this is happening to EVERY article.

Anyways, lol. The Crysis 2 leaked SP beta on PC looks far better than Killzone 3 already, is running at 1920x1200 here, and averaging pretty close to 60 fps on what is conidered a mid-range GPU. You know, compared to 720p, 30fps with dips, and choppy shadows, low-res textures, and jaggies, moreso than Killzone 2 which completely covered it up with post-processing effects..

Now, yes, Killzone 3 looks good. For a console. But compared to games like Crysis 2, BF3, RAGE, The Witcher 2, Metro 2033, even Crysis 1, not even close.

TheBlackSmoke2597d ago

@ Panda

No what you mean to say is resolution and AA will be better on PC.

Environment modelling, Character modelling, weapon modelling, Animation, cinematics, particle effects, lighting engines are all graphical factors that are determined by the competence of the developer not by the power of your graphics card.

This is not the 90's when PC was 3-4 generations ahead of console, right now its just a case of being slightly crisper, smoother and seeing more of the screen that PC can brag about.

And like you said art style is very hard to define but still is a MASSIVE factor in what we think is aesthetically pleasing in a game (SF4 says hi).

WhiteNoise2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


Weak sauce list bud.

It's more like any multiplat on a mid range GPU from 3 years ago ( low end now, I'm talking gtx260 )>>>any PS3 exclusive.

1. BF3 PC
2. The Witcher 2 PC
3. Rage PC
4. Crysis 2 PC
5. Deus Ex PC

The next 20 or so are also PC and then you've got your 1999 resolution and 1995 frame rate games with less optimisation than a 1 slice toaster waaaaaaaaay down the bottom ( console games ).

ProjectVulcan2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

PC hardware is generations ahead TheBlackSmoke. Games like Crysis are also technically far beyond anything on console, geometry, shader quality, texture quality etc besides the anti aliasing and resolution edge that PC holds over simple straight up ports. Find a console game with any 2048 x 2048 texture maps for example, crysis is chock full of them. Find a console game which can push over 3 million polygons on screen at any time. There are none.

Crysis is no longer the only game with these significant advantages and several more are coming this year. Read up about Deus ex human revolution tesselation on PC- with this enabled, character models will gain nearly nine times the geometry of the standard models, jumping from 7k apiece to over 60k....

There is no doubt some console games look very good but it gets a little boring hearing console only gamers claim console game X looks better than crysis or whatever on PC. It doesn't, and nothing ever will on this gen of consoles.

bluwulf2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


Graphics KING of 2011:

1. GEARS OF WAR 3! Have you seen the lighting?
2. CRYSIS 2..
4. Bulletstorm
5. Battlefield3 (on xbox)

hope I don't need a /s.

Uncharted3+ Killzone3 for consoles.
PC' BF3 kicked Cryteks teeth in.

Crytek optimized their game to run on the Arcade Xbox360, and the PC version looks sad compared to a full setting Crysis 1. How did they manage to go backwards? Oh right.. the 360.

Maybe next year the 360 will have something non-unreal engine-related to contend

So far its another year, and as usual.. nothing in the past 360 library that streams/runs/performs like Uncharted2.. just 'buh buh the future promises something!"

as always.

Bear_Grylls2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )


You above me are a classic, mate just classic. You need a trophy or a thousand gamer points or some shit for that display of Xbox fanboyism.

And OMG what a classic fanboy thread this is. Who approved this shit?

But I do love reading the PS3 and 360 troll/fanboys on this site, they just get me laughing.

The funny thing is that half of the sad twats actually believe the crap they are typing. Like suddenly last year the PS3 became a supercomputer that can do heart surgery and the next game on 360 running the unreal engine will topple Crysis on PC

It is like this if you believe facts over hype and blind fanboyism.

1. BF3 PC
2. The Witcher 2 PC
3. Rage PC
4. Crysis 2 PC
5. Deus Ex PC

ComboBreaker2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

1. BF3 PC (The 8 GB of RAM really helps)
2. Uncharted 3
3. Killzone 3
4. BF3 PS3
5. Crysis 1
23. Gears of War
24. Halo Reach
25. Crysis 2

Theonetheonly2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Whenever I read a comment about kz2-3 it makes me laugh not because I'm absolutely positive they know nothing about what is actually superior or a showcase of powerful systems, but for the fact that when i read them an image pops in my mind of my childhood when all of my friends had a TV with the AV wires hanging off the front of it talking about how all games were was just digital chicken wire with stuff painted on it and that the ps2 was the most powerful computer ever.

it just floors me.

i am replaying fear and i am shocked at how far texture detail in today's games has gone backwards from then. the texture resolution in fear is better than most games today the only exception is the fact that the textures of today are covered by MLAA(morphological AA), post processing (originally implemented to save processing cycles), and color grading.

Post processing is used to enhance an image as the integration of 3d space equivalents to such things as ambient occlusion or DOF would be too much for weaker systems to handle.

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Xfanboy2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Crooked Troll_Police

@Troublesome626 (below)


Troublesome6262597d ago

We will see who has the last laugh. When Uncharted 3 wins every single award possible including "Best Graphics" this year & PC gets left in the dust again because nobody give a fuck about you pc fags. that shit is dead!!! hahaha

ComboBreaker2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

Crisis PC



Uncharted have the edge. Water looks better in Uncharted 2.

rybobales2596d ago

@Troublesome626, How the hell do you have 5 Bubbles?

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Nizzy792597d ago

ALMOST police_troll... almost

sleepy32597d ago

YOU BLIND? KZ3 looks good but this looks AMAZING

Look at the detail on the arm. You can actually see the pores in his hand, and they actually put a mole on the guys hand that looks totally natural. Even the bone things (tendons?) in the wrist when its in a certain position is visible. The detail on the gloves.

And its not just the weapons and arms. Unlike KZ3 ALL THE TEXTURES ARE HIGH RES. Face it, think we all kinda cringed when we saw that wheelbarrow in the SP demo in the little room. Why does it look like that? I cant see a single object in this game that looks bad. KZ is full of nitpicky things whereas just cant. Its nitpick proof, lol.

Gonna get a new PC to play this bad boy at Super High Res (over 1080P). Gonna be sweet.

AKA2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

wow pc fanboys get blind, i guess i will to if i have to spend 1000+ a year just to keep up with the latest tech and eat up the laziness of ''great lol'' devs on not making their game run well on current powerful hi-end pc.

BATTLEFIELD 3 looks better then KILLZONE 2/3 but so far is the only game i saee that does, 1080p 120fps does help but a monkey in a suit is still a monkey and i will de blind if i say that ICO/SOTC HD(1080p 60fps) looks better than KILLZONE 2/3 just because KILLZONE is running at 720p 30fps. stop looking at the numbers only nerds do that and look at the games and be a gamer and enjoy what you wish.

the pc fanboys in n4g are getting worse and growing like little bi-aches.

You guys should ask other devs to step up like DICE is doing and in the next gen pc will be left behind in term of quality or tech pc games will run by mmos and facebook, aps and ports from the ps4 and other next gen console and that is the reality like it or not.

sleepy32597d ago

Think you forgot to mention that it looks better, has full destructible env, more players and has the ability to be modded to look EVEN BETTER AND can run at resolutions WELL ABOVE 1080P.

But I agree, it is far more expensive to be a PC gamer. I much rather spend 500 dollars every 5-6 years and play games that look less spectacular but still good than spend so much more on a PC. Gonna get a new PC for this though, looks epic. And with RAGE and a host of other games taking advantage of the latest tech, i think now is a good time to upgrade. (haven't for about 7 years. I'm still rocking a 1 GHz PC, lol. Your cell phone has a better processor than my PC....sad.

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Troublesome6262597d ago

Nice try but the real list is..

1: Uncharted 3
2: Battlefield 3
3: Killzone 3
4: Gears Of War 3
5: Crysis 2

Solid_Snake-2597d ago

uncharted 3.......meh

the only reason battlefield 3 isnt at your number 1 is because you know the ps3 is getting owned by pc once again.

my radion 6870 1gb graphics card says hi
my 6 core cpu says hi
my 8 gig ram says hi
my water cooler says hi

i say....bye bye

SSKILLZ2597d ago

" Uncharted 3 meh " ????

Which looks better than anything on the 360, powned !

And no one gives a sh!t a bout your windows 95 comp.

rybobales2596d ago


Win 95? Really?

DaTruth2597d ago

Makes me want to build a PC!

1.Engagement ring


3.PC Rig

Sigh, I've got work to do!

CoLD FiRE2596d ago

1 and 2 are gimmicks
3 is more important

GodofSackboy2596d ago

I actually lmfao'd when u said engagement ring is a gimmick. It is the ULTIMATE fanboy statement

hassi942596d ago

@GodofSackboy are you retarded? It's called having a sense of humour.

Raven_Nomad2597d ago

Not interested till I see some console versions. I have a feeling too much time is being spent on the P.C. version of this game. Not sure how they plan on "Taking on the big boys" without trying to take a chunk of that 20+ million who buy the COD games for consoles, though I'm sure they will win the 200k that play or bought Black Ops.

Pandamobile2597d ago

Well, I'm sure the console versions of the game will be good, even if they are taking the back seat to the PC version (as they should be).

There will probably be console stuff at E3.

Raven_Nomad2597d ago

Not sure consoles should ever take a backseat to P.C. There seems to be far more people putting out cash for console games then P.C. these days.

theonlylolking2597d ago


Still dont think KZ3 is far off from this game graphically but killzone is not using destruction.

Crysis 2 DX11 maxed I am expecting to look better than BF3 but only time will tell.

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