Xbox Live Labs = Microsoft Big Brother

A few days ago Microsoft introduced Xbox Live Labs. According to Major Nelson's blog, "These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service and will not be used to identify you". Hey, Harvey Dent, is that true? "Half."

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DelbertGrady2533d ago

As far as I know it's optional to participate.

Injust072533d ago

That's true, but I feel like all this is something I would like to know before I decide to participate.

SixZeroFour2533d ago

why would you even participate in something you dont fully know the details of?

when i first saw this, i looked into it heavily...even what was being offered for participating...wasnt worth the time or effort so i passed on it

Injust072533d ago

@ MrAnonymous: I thought I did fully know the details. I read what it said on the dashboard and read what Major Nelson said in his blog. It seemed like it'd help them and get me some avatar awards.

And time and effort? I don't understand what effort it takes to push A to start and go to bed.

SixZeroFour2533d ago

your right about the time and effort part, i just personally dont leave my console on while i sleep so i guess i was just talking about my personal situation...didnt want to start it while i was awake and lag while i was on the internet or something

B1663r2533d ago

I participated, and I started it when I went to bed one evening, and it was finished when I woke up.

There are two click through screens where they tell you exactly what it does, I just clicked though.

Now I have crazy scientist hair, and a lab coat for my avatar.

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r1sh122533d ago

Microsoft already collect stats for targeted marketing.
I wouldnt be surprised if they do any of this, Sony probably do similar and same goes for nintendo.
That raptr company collects stats on gamers too, the value of data like that will be lucrative form marketing revenue etc....

marison2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

with the ability to execute remote arbitrary code on demand, they could use everything, including the PSEye, network, microphones etc.

This isn't a optional thing to anyone who wants online and isn't only a antipiracy tool.

Dread2533d ago


so lets settle down with the big brother bit..

aviator1892533d ago

MS is big brother?

Wow, this whole thing is clearly being taken too seriously by someone.

B1663r2533d ago

Well I suspect the tests are something like... Probe what kind of edge router you are using, if any. Stress test your internal network, and check what kind of firewall settings you have. Finally, stress test your ISP bandwidth, and determine what type of bandwidht shaping your ISP is doing.

My guess the reasons why they are doing this is to determine what ISP's they need to set up peering agreements with, how to deal with different types of routers, and internal networksetups, for an upcoming streaming service, like oh I don't know, Hulu+ or their own broadcast style tv channels. Or perhaps they are planning on releasing an OnLive app ( or onLive like service)for the xbox...

BX812533d ago

I have a question, in all honesty I don't know the answer to this so I ask. I notice sometimes when I turn off my xbox the fans still run to cool it down. Mind you I cut power off to the console. Would that same power that runs the fans be enough to run the kinect camera and mic and gather images and sounds if hacked? I often wonder this about computers with cameras installed. What would it take to hack that camera?

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