BioWare Teasing Mass Effect 2 DLC Screens

BioWare has prepped some new screens of the upcoming Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2, and is willing to share them with fans -- but only if you help spread the word.

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Charmers2658d ago

This has been going now for a good few hours and I believe they have passed the 1000 tweets mark a while ago. It might have been interesting to see what would have happened if they hadn't got their 1000 tweets. I mean would they have said "we didn't get the tweets so you aren't getting the screen shot" ?

firelogic2658d ago

Honestly, Bioware needs to cut this crap out. The number of different ways to get unlockables for DA2 was ridiculous and most of it was pretty decent for a character just starting out so it was worth your while to get it. Signature edition unlocks, facebook unlocks, twitter unlocks, demo unlocks, buy the regular edition unlocks, sign up for a newsletter unock, read a penny arcade comic unlock, ridiculous!

Solans Scott2658d ago

Screen shots are great but a release date would be better.